LEAKED photos of Samsung Galaxy S9: Here's how it stands out from older models

The new Samsung model resembles Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S9 leaked photo
A photo of the Samsung Galaxy S9 recently leaked on Chinese social media Weibo Weibo

Some Galaxy S9 photos are leaked anew as Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is yet to enter the mass production phase later in the month. Based on the images leaked on Chinese social media Weibo, the South Korean tech behemoth's 2018 flagship smartphone appears to be a dead ringer for the Galaxy S8.

A sleek, bezel-less 5-inch-something smartphone can be expected from Samsung at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain if this new batch of photos is to be believed. The said photos purportedly showing the Galaxy S9's front display and back panel are presumably real, given the build's look which is very similar to the predecessor, the Galaxy S8.

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The physical difference is not difficult to spot though, as the said Galaxy S9 has a shiny metal panel, a feature that has been off-the-radar in the rumour mill since the beginning. Looking at the photos, Samsung might really be churning out the transfer of the fingerprint scanner somewhere in front.

Samsung Galaxy S9 leaked photo
A photo of the Samsung Galaxy S9 recently leaked on Chinese social media Weibo Weibo

On Wednesday, famous leakster Slashleaks took YouTube to supposedly reveal the Galaxy S9 Plus. At first glance, the phone seems legitimate. However, SamMobile has refuted the authenticity of the clip, describing the power button as "excessively chunky" and the bottom bezel as "thicker" than what is expected of the device.

Watch the full clip below.

Face recognition confirmed

Meanwhile, Samsung's newly-announced Exynos 9810 processor to be used in the Galaxy S9 teases the electronics firm's take on the facial recognition technology. Its news release illustrates the processor's separate security processing unit to protect essential personal data like facial, iris and fingerprint details.

"Exynos 9810 introduces sophisticated features to enhance user experiences with neural network-based deep learning and stronger security on the most advanced mobile devices," reads the post. "This cutting-edge technology allows the processor to accurately recognize people or items in photos for fast image searching or categorization, or through depth sensing, scan a user's face in 3D for hybrid face detection."

This confirmation just eliminates the possibility that Samsung might be using an in-display fingerprint scanner in its next-generation smartphones. With OEMs vying to be the first to use this cutting-edge feature, is it safe to say at the moment that Samsung may be reserving it for the rumoured Galaxy Note X?

This article was first published on January 5, 2018
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