Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ripped off by Chinese media? Here's what happened

A Korean publication gives a rundown of why the Chinese media are giving Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a negative image.

The Galaxy Note 8 might be a promising smartphone, but the device seems to have put off consumers in China. According to report from a Korean digital news publication, the Chinese media are giving Samsung's flagship phablet a bad coverage.

Business Korea claims that publications in China are making it difficult for Samsung to promote its Galaxy Note 8 in the world's biggest economy. Its report on Monday said the negative image the Chinese media are trying to portray roots back to the deployment of the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea, Samsung's home country.

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Business Korea reported that a Chinese state-run weekly magazine has pinned down the US military exercise in South Korea. China has not favoured South Korea's move for allowing the US to build a missile defence system that poses threat to its neighbours. Although THAAD is directed to North Korea, Chinese officials were concerned about this deployment since it jeopardises its legitimate national security interests.

"The THAAD issue is one of big factors that the Galaxy Note 8 is having a hard time in China," BK quotes the magazine. "The anti-South Korean sentiment made Chinese consumers don't shop at Lotte Mart nor buy Samsung, LG and Hyundai products."

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco last year is also giving a sense of withdrawal among consumers, which massively marred Samsung's track record.

Price is another issue. The Galaxy Note 8 in China costs CHY6,988 or US$1,061, which is double the price of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 whose performance and specifications do not go far away from Samsung's.

Finally, Samsung's new pre-order system seems to put off consumers in China. Per new terms, interested consumers will have to pay CHY100 or US$15 to pre-order the Galaxy Note 8.

According to BK, Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders in China as of 19 September reached approximately 20,000 units only at Samsung's website, 8,310 at and 5,292 at Alibaba's Tmall.

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