Is Samsung copying Apple again? Samsung One UI teardown reveals iPhone-like Battery Health feature

A teardown done on the latest OneUI 2.0 firmware update reveals updated camera feature along with a new battery feature that could let users know their phone's battery health

We all know that Apple alleged Samsung for copying its iPhone design in the past. The two biggest tech rivals of the world are just as well known for their lawsuits and patent wars as they are for their exceptional technological prowess.

For as long as we could remember, Apple and Samsung have been engaged in a legal tussle against each other every now and then but it's also a known fact that the two are also the biggest beneficiaries of each other. Samsung is perhaps Apple's largest supplier and Apple is among Samsung's biggest customers. Yet, the two fight it out in the same arena. It's almost like Samsung and Apple are in a very complicated relationship.

Samsung's got its own identity but...

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Although Samsung has adopted its own design language when it comes to their Galaxy brand of smartphones, especially among the high-end flagships beginning with the Galaxy S8, to the more recent one like the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 series, there still seem to be some elements here and there that may be inspired from the iPhone. Then again, in some cases, Samsung's implementation of the technology is superior to Apple's and vice versa.

In what could be termed as yet another reason for Apple to blame Samsung for copying its technology, a recent teardown of Samsung's latest UI, or ONE UI, reveals some of the new features that will be coming soon to Samsung's phones. The features include a new battery feature that is akin to the iPhone Battery Health feature, apart from other updated camera software features.

OneUI 2.0 teardown on latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 firmware

The teardown was performed on Samsung's latest OneUI 2.0 APK by the folks over at XDA Developers on the various system APKs that come with the latest official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 firmware update which is being rolled out to users as we speak.

Although, there are a bunch of updated camera features which include an interesting mode called 'Directors View' mode, which will likely provide users with the ability to swap between lenses during video recording, the most intriguing one seems to be the updated that is done to the battery technology.

Teardown hints at a potential Battery Health feature

The teardown gives us a glimpse at a potential battery health feature that would let users know how much their phone's battery has deteriorated from its original 100 percent capacity. The Battery Health, which is a feature that has been available on Apple iPhones is a nifty one that tells users when it's time to change their phone's batteries. No other major smartphone brand seems to have a similar feature till now, but it could make its way onto most Samsung phones with a future OneUI 2.0 update.

While, it may seem similar to the iPhone's Battery Health feature, it could be called something else and Samsung could add some additional information to make it look different than Apple's implementation of the feature.

Battery Health is indeed a very helpful feature to have on every smartphone out there, but it was first introduced by Apple with the iOS 11.3 and is available ever since on iPhones starting with the iPhone SE and higher. How Samsung implements the technology in OneUI remains to be seen. But for now, we would love to see this feature on all other phones.

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