Samsung considers investing $1 billion funds in artificial intelligence

According to a Samsung official from the USA, this money is going to be spent towards acquisitions of AI tech firms.

samsung AI

Samsung is considering different ways to create the ultimate Artificial intelligence experience and establish itself as the winner in the robotics race. According to media reports, the tech giant is mulling on the creation of a $1 billion fund to see where their horse can make it in the race of artificial intelligence. So where will all this moolah be spent on? Well according to an unnamed Samsung official from the USA, this money is going to be spent towards acquisitions of AI tech firms – which are expected to be proved as the golden goose for the company.

Samsung is no stranger to the AI game. It has been heard through the grapevine that the company is more than interested in working alongside Google in the integration and development of AI.

Moreover, it is reported that Samsung will use Bixby, powered by the AI tech developed by Viv, in Samsung devices, replacing the current S Voice app. If the rumours are right we will get to see it in the upcoming much hyped about Samsung Galaxy S8, which is likely to be released in April.

Meanwhile, concerns about artificial intelligence creeping into our daily life are increasing day by day. However very little is being done to address this issue. With the Tesla CEO suggesting that we are going to become cybernetic organisms in the future to Microsoft Maverick Bill Gates suggesting that income tax should be imposed on robots, it is very well evident that this new trend might not turn out beneficial for humanity. However, does that stop the tech giants from pushing the boundaries and see where they can finally go?

This article was first published on February 23, 2017
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