Samsung can recover from bad Galaxy Fold reviews and here's why

After the good reviews came in, many of the reviewers have noted that the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been breaking easily after use. In a matter of a few days, the screen would crease up which endangers the device's display in prolonged use. However, here's the worry over the Samsung Galaxy Fold is misplaced.

According to Business Insider, many reviewers cannot recommend the new device to the public. While reviewers from other sites like The Verge, Wall Street Journal, and CNBC praised the new innovative devices, all of them didn't like the way that the device didn't survive a few days of use. The reviewers said that the device's display is somehow fragile and the crease on the tablet screen can be unsightly to some users. For now, it's generally a "risk" to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Fold as early as this iteration.

While reviewers have egged on the device for its bad durability, Samsung has shown that they can easily recover from bad devices in their product lines. According to CNN, Samsung was successful in handling the Galaxy Note 7 issue back in 2017. Upon using the device, many users from throughout the world would suddenly have their Note 7 blow up due to its battery. In light of the events, Samsung pulled out the whole product line and focused on rebuilding its battery system to prevent such problems.

The next Galaxy Note 8 was a success and the no big problems surrounded the Samsung tablet line after that event. If the Galaxy Fold does have a problem with its display, Samsung can easily prevent that now as the device isn't even released to the public yet.

Potentially, Samsung can redesign how the foldable screen works to prevent these issues from rising again. However, pursuing this action would mean a delay of the device's release. More than a delay, the device's new technology may also push Samsung to take a longer time to complete the device for public use. For now, we'll have to wait on Samsung to improve the device further to prevent the issues from happening again.

Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019.Samsung Mobile Press
Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019. Samsung Mobile Press

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