Samantha Schubert, former Miss Malaysia World, dies at 47 after cancer battle

Schubert was diagnosed with cancer last August after she returned to Malaysia from England

Samantha Schubert, former Miss Malaysia World, actress and theatre personality, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer last night.

The Star reports that Schubert was not keeping well for the past few months and she was being treated at the Prince Court Medical Centre.

Last year August, she was diagnosed with cancer after she returned to Malaysia from England. Schubert had performed in a theatre production produced and directed by Susan Lankester in England just before that.

There has been an outpouring of grief from friends and fans over the 47-year-old's death. "Sammy was a loving mother, a great and loyal friend, and my 'little sister'. I am very proud to have shared the stage with her," said Susan Lankester, who acted with Schubert in 4.48 Psychosis and directed her in The Good Body. "Not having her with me will create a hole in my heart. I love her and miss her", she added.

Former Miss Malaysia World, Samantha Schubert dies at 47 after cancer battle
Samantha Schubert with her children Malayasia Chronicle

The former Miss Malaysia-World was a very strong and positive human being. She had gone through several ups and downs in her life be it the success of her career or the other adversities in life including untimely deaths of her dear ones and her miscarriage, but she had never given up.

Even the news of her incurable tumor couldn't stop her to live her own dreams. She went ahead and signed an upcoming production with KLPac luminaries Datuk Faridah Merican and Joe Hasham.

Close friend and fellow artiste Hans Isaac told The Star: "She loved people, she was always positive, she didn't judge anyone, she was friends with everyone. You can't pick just one thing that was good about her. It's very rare to find someone like her."

Schubert always considered herself to be blessed and that perspective was not changed by her illness. She had undergone three rounds of chemotherapy but unfortunately that didn't help. The tumor kept growing and she was losing weight day by day. And after a hard-fought battle she passed away. Melissa Indot, singer was there with her at her last moment.

She is survived by her mother, husband, and three children. Schubert loved her family and whenever she had time, she used to be with her family. While she was at the hospital, she defied the doctor's instruction and walked out of the hospital to spend the Easter holiday with her children.

"I want to be around for my children. I want to run around with them and be active," Schubert said in an interview with The Star.

The beauty queen fulfilled all her wishes and started her onward journey like a queen!

This article was first published on April 27, 2016