Miss World 2016: 8 interesting facts you may not know about winner Stephanie Del Valle

Miss World 2016 is not just a pretty face but a beautiful lady with many talents.

Stephanie Del Valle
Miss World 2016 winner Stephanie Del Valle with kids suffering from Down syndrome. youtube.com/Miss World

Puerto Rican beauty Stephanie Del Valle was crowned Miss World 2016 at the MGM National Harbor resort, Maryland, United States. The 19-year old stood tall, shocked and overjoyed at the announcement, having defeated over 100 of her co-participants.

However, her external appearance is not all that is about her. She is also a talented young lady. Scroll down to take a look at eight interesting facts about the pageant queen.

-Del Valle has been a singer since her childhood. "At the age of four I became a member of the prestigious San Juan Children's Choir. This experience, helped me discover my passion for the fine arts, especially music," says Del Valle, in her introduction video for the Miss World 2016 contest.

-She likes to learn songs on guitar when she is bored by other things, says Stephanie on her Instagram page. Speaking of guitar, her favourite musical film is Richard Linklater's "School of Rock" starring Jack Black. It's an obvious choice for someone who loves music.

-She also says that the proudest moment in her life is when she travelled to Brazil at the age of eight, as an ambassador for her country to sing with the same San Juan Choir. "This event is also memorable because it was a life changing experience as it was the first time I was confronted to real poverty through the eyes of a child, same age as me," missworld.com quotes her as saying.

-She is also a compassionate social worker who has a passion project called 'A Choir of Angels' which she describes as "a therapy programme based on music which serves as an alternative treatment for babies with Down syndrome; to achieve wellness and improve their lives."

-She' is also very individualistic, independent-minded, in the sense that she doesn't want to follow social trends. She says "I spend a lot of time on things most people don't care about." Although she doesn't specify what those things are in her Instagram post, she was probably talking about her social work.

-She is fluent in Spanish, French and English. Command over foreign languages will certainly help her if she chooses a career in the entertainment industry, especially cinema. So what are her ambitions exactly? She says she is keeping her options open for the future.

-"I like to have options and I have a solid career plan. I am already registered for a double major at Pace University (Law and Communications) while pursuing my lifelong inclination to follow a career in Entertainment during my spare time," Stephanie says. This is certainly a smart thing to do as there will be a variety of opportunities for someone as multi-talented as her. "Presently, I am training in all three disciplines hoping that the effort, passion and dedication will direct me to a finer resolution," she adds.

-Finally, how would she like us to remember her? "Helping those who are in need is how I always want to be remembered," says the young beauty queen.

This article was first published on December 19, 2016