Salvador Ramos: Texas School Shooter Played 'Sad Music' and Said 'Goodnight' to Teachers Before Shooting Them Dead

The revelations were made by Miah Cerrillo, 11, who shared the horrifying details about what happened inside her fourth-grade classroom in the moments leading up to and during Ramos' shooting spree in an interview with CNN.

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Texas elementary school shooter Salvador Ramos played "sad music" while carrying out the carnage inside the classroom and said "goodnight" to the teachers before gunning them down in front of other students during Tuesday's shooting, one of the young survivors has revealed in a chilling new interview.

The revelations were made by Miah Cerrillo, 11, who shared the horrifying details about what happened inside her fourth-grade classroom in the moments leading up to and during Ramos' shooting spree in an interview with CNN. Cerrillo luckily managed to save herself from getting killed after she smeared herself with her slain friend's blood to play dead.

Strange Mental Stage

Salvador Ramos
Salvador Ramos Twitter

Cerrillo who spoke to Nora Neus of CNN off-air as her mother said that she was uncomfortable going on camera, and the wounded youngster insisted on speaking only with women because she was still "so afraid of men... because of what occurred," according to the television station.

The brave schoolgirl told that her fourth-grade class had just completed after they finished watching the Disney movie "Lilo & Stitch" when their two teachers received a warning about an active shooter.

"One of her teachers [then] got an email that there was a shooter in the building and went to the door and he was right there," Neus relayed on Cerrillo's behalf.

Miah Cerrillo
Miah Cerrillo Twitter

Ramos then blasted his way into the classroom. Cerrillo told CNN that she saw Ramos lock eyes with the brave teacher before saying "goodnight" and murdering her, as well as the other instructor in the room.

However, she didn't say who of the two deceased instructors, Irma Garcia, 46, and Eva Mireles, 44, was the first to be shot. Ramos then walked into the adjacent classroom with his AR-15 rifle, where he continued to fire shots and loudly began playing "sad music", which Miah described as "I want people to die" music.

Salvador Ramos entering school
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Cerrillo and a friend desperately dialed 911 on their dead teacher's phone while Ramos was in the other room, pleading with the cops to come and save them.

Saved Luckily

She told CNN that she begged the dispatcher, "Please come, please come — we're in trouble!"

Cerrillo then did something not many of her age could have thought of. The 11-year-old student revealed to Neus how she performed a gruesome but potentially life-saving act by smearing the blood of a friend, whom she deduced was likely dead based on the amount of blood she was flowing out, on her body in order to appear dead to the gunman.

Miah Cerrillo
Miah Cerrillo Twitter

According to her family, the incident was so terrible that the girl believed she had been stuck there alone for at least three hours.

The girl sobbed as she spoke about the police response time, which has generated public outcry after disturbing recordings emerged showing parents imploring policemen to storm the school, according to CNN.

It took police officials until Friday, three days after the slaughter, to concede that they "made the wrong decision" in delaying breaching the room and saving the pupils.

Salvador Ramos
Salvador Ramos Twitter

When the producer of the show asked what she thought the police were doing at that time, Cerrillo said that she said that she was inside the classroom and was under the impression that "the police just hadn't gotten there yet".

It took police over an hour to rush into the school and shoot Ramos, an excruciatingly delayed response that has been widely denounced by victims' parents as well as Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who said he was "livid" after being "misled" about their response to the situation.

Lieutenant Chris Olivarez of the Department of Safety claimed on Thursday that his squad did not raid the classroom where they knew Ramos was killing students because they "could have been shot."

Cerrillo's mother told CNN that she already refers to her daughter as a "miracle baby" because she survived an abdominal tumor that doctors thought would kill her shortly after delivery. She almost got away with missing school in the morning due to an earache on Tuesday.

According to her, her mother offered to keep her out of school for the entire day. The kid, on the other hand, was eager to see her friends, many of whom she had witnessed die in front of her eyes just an hour after returning to class.