#SafeMoonSqueeze Organized by a Whale in order to Cash Out at a Higher Price?

Satoshi Street Bets is going ballistic on Reddit's SafeMoon pages with a 'master plan' to make the coin shoot skywards by starting the #SafeMoonSqueeze trend.

The trend is similar to the Game Stop stocks, where day-to-day investors banded together on Reddit and pumped large amounts of money catching the hedge-fund managers off guard who lost billions as they shorted the shares only to see it trade upwards.

SafeMoon cryptocurrency coin

However, Game Stop was confirmed to be the work of common investors who were fed up with the market being controlled by the hedge-funds and fired from all cylinders in the hope of teaching the men in 'suits and boots' a lesson they would never forget a lifetime, in which they eventually succeed.

Doubts are now being raised by investors about the authenticity of #SafeMoonSqueeze trend. Many claim that the person behind the idea might himself be a whale who wants to spike the price drastically and then dump the coin immediately after reaching a much higher value.

The #SafeMoonSqueeze trend urges investors to pump in their money for the next three days and make the market cap rise to $10 billion from its present value of $ 2.23 billion and goes on in-depth on how the 'pump' would work and reward investors.

SafeMoon Squeeze Trend
Reddit / SafeMoon subreddit

Point to be noted is that #SafeMoonSqueeze was already tried and tested in June, 2021 but the coin instead of going north, slipped south and traded in red making thousands of investors money go down the drain and left them with no option but to 'hold'.

''Didn't they try this once before and nothing happened besides a lot of pissed off people that lost money?'' commented a user calling the trend a waste of time and money. Others questioned that a whale might be behind the #SafeMoonSqueeze in order to swallow investors money by dumping it after it rises.

''This dude is probably a whale and wants everyone to buy so he can cash out at a higher price. I love SafeMoon, but the pattern off lately is price goes up, whales sell and its killing the average Joe who put in a couple of grands. This guy wants $10 billion in volume, we can barely sustain 20 million. I hope this works but this is more like a pipe dream,'' wrote a user questioning the authenticity of the #SafeMoonSqueeze trend.

At the time of publishing SafeMoon was trading at $0.000002368 and is up +0.66% in the days trade.