Ryan Garcia Arrested in Los Angeles for Felony Vandalism at Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills

In December 2023, he separated from his wife, Andrea Celina, right after their second child was born.

Boxer Ryan Garcia has reportedly been arrested in Los Angeles on charges of felony vandalism at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Beverly Hills. TMZ reported that Garcia was taken into custody on Saturday afternoon after allegedly causing damage to property at the hotel, including the room he was occupying.

According to TMZ, Garcia appeared to be "under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs" but was compliant with the authorities during his arrest. The 25-year-old troubled boxer won against Devin Haney earlier this year, but his unpredictable behavior leading up to the fight raised doubts about his mental readiness before the fight. After his unexpected win, he failed a drug test.

Garcia in Trouble Again

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia X

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that police conducted a welfare check on Garcia at the same hotel following a call from a concerned family member. Officers reportedly assessed his condition and found him to be fine, and it was the end of the matter.

Garcia's arrest in California on Saturday is the most recent troubling incident for the boxer.

In December 2023, he separated from his wife, Andrea Celina, right after their second child was born.

Leading up to his much-anticipated match with Haney in April, Garcia raised significant concerns about his mental health through a series of alarming and erratic online outbursts, including one where he claimed his throat had been slit.

Garcia also alleged that he was raped by a family member during his childhood. He also claimed that he was bound in the woods by "the elites" and compelled to witness child abuse.

Life Gets Complicated

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia X

Amid worries about his mental state, Garcia weighed in nearly four pounds over the limit for his highly anticipated fight against WBC super-lightweight champion Haney. As a result, he was unable to claim the title despite winning the match.

After his win on points in Brooklyn, it was later revealed that Garcia had tested positive for the banned substance Ostarine both the day before and the day of the fight. Subsequent tests on his B-sample confirmed the initial findings.

However, Garcia's team claims that the results of the B-sample prove his innocence, arguing that he is a victim of contaminated supplements.

Haney has demanded that the outcome be changed to a disqualification victory, while his father has suggested that Garcia should be permanently banned from boxing.

On Wednesday, Garcia took to social media to announce that his mother, Lisa, is currently fighting breast cancer. "My mom has gave me the Ok to post," he wrote. "Please pray for my mother.

"Cancer STUPID I don't care she will win - Breast cancer is stupid, JESUS IS ABOVE ALL."