Is Russia's Kirill Kolchin a Neo-Nazi? Photos of Former Staffer to UN Making Nazi Salute in NY Goes Viral

The picture of a former Russian staffer to the UN, Kirill Kolchin, making a Nazi salute has appeared on social media. Kolchin's picture was posted to the Old School Skins account on Instagram, a Neo Nazi group that Kolchin promotes on his own page.

It came as Russian President Vladimir Putin launched Ukraine invasion stressing that his effort aims to de-Nazify the country.

Kirill Kolchin
Kirill Kolchin (Both). In the right he picture Kolchin wore an OSS T-shirt Twitter

Why Is Kolchin Being Termed As Neo-Nazi?

Kolchin had served as a member of diplomatic support staff at Russia's Permanent Mission to the UN. He came to New York in 2019 with his family and left the country within six months.

On July 29, 2019, a photo was posted to the OSS page showing an OSS sticker being held in front of Nazi uniforms and newspapers in Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea, in what looked like a museum, according to the Daily Mail. He describes himself as 'father, OSS, and huckster' on his Instagram account.

The Russian diplomat has also posted pictures on his page that have Iron Cross symbol adopted by Hitler.

Kolchin's pictures on the internet have been appearing frequently showing him in a black t-shirt of the OSS, with its bulldog logo.

Kirill Kolchin
Kirill Kolchin in extreme right picture in making Nazi salute Kirill Kolchin

A video titled 'F****** USA' posted on the OSS page on August 31, 2019, shows a hand sticking an OSS sticker that bears the neo-Nazi 'Totenkopf' or 'death skull', to a lamp post near Times Square. Notably, at that time Kolchin was posted in New York.

The OSS account, a month before Kolchin left, was deactivated in January 2020. However, it was reactivated in October 2020 but all the posts from New York were removed. Those posts included knives, rifles, brass knuckles, and paper spray, and others.

Kolchin's Mysterious Role at Russia's Permanent UN Mission?

So far, details of his roles at Russia's Permanent Mission to the UN are not revealed but Kolchin's official activities while in New York are unclear. Official details had termed him as a member of the diplomatic staff but a specific position was not revealed.

When Kolchin was in New York he used to also post pictures of his family now they are in Moscow. His pictures appear frequently on social media showing him at Moscow bars with people who are OSS members.