The girlfriend of a Russian YouTuber suffered multiple head injuries and subdural hematoma, which is bleeding usually associated with a traumatic brain injury, before her death, according to local reports citing investigating officials. Valentia Grigoryeva died on Wednesday after her YouTuber boyfriend Stanislav Reshetnikov locked her out on a balcony in freezing temperatures with clothing.

Russia authorities found multiple bruises on 28-year-old Grigoryeva's body and medical examination revealed that she was hit on the head several times, Russian-language Ren TV reported. Traces of alcohol and drugs such as mephedrone, amphetamine and marijuana were found in her system, the report added. Moreover, Grigoryeva's friend reportedly said that Reshetnikov was "full of cruelty" toward the deceased woman.

A medical examination found that "the victim had a closed craniocerebral injury, multiple bruises, subdural hematoma" that was caused due to three blows to her face. According to the report, 30-year-old Reshetnikov — who goes by the name Reeflay Panini on YouTube — was taken into custody for two months. Authorities launched a criminal investigation citing "intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm resulting in death."

Russian YouTuber ReeFlay
Russian YouTuber ReeFlay broadcast his girlfriend's death live. YouTube/Screenshot

On Wednesday, Reshetnikov locked Grigoryeva out on the balcony in the sub-zero temperatures. He reportedly told his viewers that the couple had a verbal spat and he threw water on her before he locked her out. He also claimed that Grigoryeva took a jacket with her to keep herself warm, however, Reshetnikov took it away to "sober her up."

It was reported that he was paid $1,000 by a viewer to lock his girlfriend out in the freezing temperatures. However, other local reports said Reeflay told investigators he decided to "punish her" because Grigoryeva had an intestinal infection that would make her "stink."

Reshetnikov aired the ordeal on his livestream. The video showed Grigoryeva's body lying by the door as the YouTuber continued with the live broadcast. His tried to revive but failed, following which he lifted her body and placed it on a sofa and covered it up.

The livestream continued for more than two hours and at one point could be seen crying and telling his viewers that he could not feel his girlfriend's heartbeat. Authorities suspect that Grigoryeva died of hypothermia. If found guilty, Reshetnikov could face up to 15 years of imprisonment.