YouTube Star Left Trails of Clues Online Before Killing His Family and Attempting School Shooting

Sesler was a big fan of guns and started uploading videos of himself shooting different weapons at the makeshift ranges and also in random buildings

A YouTube star left a trail of the cryptic notes online before he murdered his family and tried a school shooting. Trey Eric Sesler was a 'loner' in 2012 who used to live with his parents in Waller, Texas. He spent most of his time making videos for the YouTube channel where he reviewed anime and video games. He had uploaded 323 clips in more than five years.

As one of the first anime reviewers, Sesler made a following and his channel had received over one million views overall. But Sesler's content took a darker note gradually and in between reviews he used to film comedic slits that eventually became more disturbing than funny.

He was a big fan of guns and started uploading clips of himself shooting different weapons at the makeshift ranges or in random buildings. He told police that it was during this time that he started killing animals and setting small fires for fun. He also shared a video on Facebook stating that his pet rabbit has gone missing.

YouTuber Killed Family and Had Plans of School Shooting

Trey Eric Sesler
Trey Eric Sesler YouTube/ The Horror Stash

One of his final clips was called 'Mr. Anime Is Planning Something'. In the video, he explained that he would take a short break from uploading reviews as he found a job. He later informed fans that he was going to work in the film industry but there is no confirmation about his claim.

On March 20, 2012, he shot his mother in the home's garage four times with a shotgun. When his older brother Mark came down to the hall for investigating the issue Sesler got a pistol from his bedroom and shot him too. He then went to his parents' bedroom and shot his dad who was sleeping. Mark survived the initial shot and was able to lock himself in the bathroom but Sesler beat the door down and killed him. He went on to wreck the family home carving phrases on the walls like 'I love my family' and 'I will never forgive myself, I don't know why I did this,' as reported by Daily Star.

He then packed his car with over 100 rounds of ammunition and a Hi-Point model 995 carbine rifle. He went to the Waller High School, where he graduated and sat in the parking lot for some time before driving away. He was then arrested by the police. He told the police that he had planned to carry out a shooting at the school and wanted to murder at least 70 people. "He further admitted to investigators that he studied serial killers to the point of grading their work and researched mass shootings. He had thoughts of committing acts of public violence such as these," Waller police chief Phil Rehak had said.

The investigators had earlier said that Sesler claimed to have killed his family as he did not want them to be ashamed of what he was going to do but he reportedly changed his story during the police investigation. He could never explain exactly why he committed the crime. The only thing he mentioned that it all became 'too real'. He was sentenced to life in prison without a chance of parole or appeal. There are rumors that he has died but has not been confirmed by the authorities.