Horrific Video Shows Russia's Thermobaric Missiles Sow Destruction in Mariupol Steel Plant

A fresh video has emerged showing the horrific moment when Russia's thermobaric missiles caused massive explosions at the Mariupol steel plant. The explosion ripped through the plant as Russian troops blasted the bomb at the site.

Russian troops have stormed the Azovstal complex where Ukrainian civilians were trapped in bunkers. The Donetsk People's Republic posted the clip which showed plumes of black smoke emanating from the site as fireball explosions were seen rippling the plant.

Russia storms Mariupol steel plant
Russia storms Mariupol steel plant Screengrab

Hundreds of Civilians Are Inside Mariupol Steel Plant

Nearly 30 children are still believed to be trapped inside the plant. There are also hundreds of civilians and fighters from the Azov Battalion and Ukraine's Marines.

Mayor Vadym Boichenko revealed that Russian troops pounded the plant with airstrikes and massive artillery fire, claiming that people are still dying.

"Today there is no connection to understanding what is happening, whether they are safe or not. Yesterday there was a connection with them. Today, no more," said Boichenko, according to The Sun.

Mariupol is completely under Russia's control except for the steel plant, which is still under the control of Ukraine troops. Russia conducted airstrikes and bombardments by the tanks at the steel plant. They also used naval guns to storm the plant.

Russia Claims They Targeted Ukrainian Troops

But Moscow has responded that it was not trying to storm the plant. Kremlin maintained that they were targeting Ukrainian fighters from moving to storming positions. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov pointed out that Russian troops were targeting Ukrainian fighters and didn't harm civilians as President Vladimir Putin had ordered soldiers not to attack on foot.

He also revealed that there has been a public order by the president to cancel the storming.

"We see that there are aggravations associated with the fact that the militants go to firing positions. These attempts are suppressed very quickly," said Peskov.

Nearly 400 civilians are still in the plant while 101 people were evacuated.

The number of Ukrainian fighters inside the plant is uncertain but Russia claims more than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers could be inside the plant.