Russian Soldiers Get Blown to Pieces in Ukraine's 'Death Ray' Attack; Video Shows Dead Bodies Scattered in Open Field

A graphic video showing a group of Russian soldiers being blown to pieces by "Death Ray" has surfaced on social media. The viral video has led many to believe that the "death ray" was released by Ukrainian anti-tank missile shooter, the Stugna-P.

Death Ray

Russian Soldiers Trying to Pick Injured Also Get Hit

The nearly minute long video starts with a aerial shot showing a group of Russian soldiers walking through a field in a single file They are seen standing together when suddenly they are targeted. One of the soldiers is seen flying in the air and falling on the ground.

Another shot shows Russian soldiers rushing towards their injured comrades. However, they too come under attack of the death ray. The last shot shows dead Russian soldiers lying the field filled with detonated mines.

Anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) are large, tripod — or vehicle-mounted weapons capable of destroying heavily armored main battle tanks from a distance of over a mile. Earlier, speaking about Ukraine's home-grown ATGM, Stugna-P, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry had said, "Due to the combat work of the Stugna-P anti-tank missile systems, the Russian occupiers will not hide anywhere."

Social Media Reacts

The graphic video has generated over a million views besides invoking mixed reactions from the social media users. "Whoever landed those three shots is, without a doubt, the best ATGM operator on earth. He's practically sniping with it," tweeted a user.

"I am surprised they went back for their wounded comrades. In most videos they just leave them bleeding out on the field," wrote another about Russian soldiers.

"Not good to be a soldier on the battlefield nowadays, the shots are very accurate, with pretty much no warning," wrote another.

"I feel some type of way about filming attacks on wounded men. Not doing it. Just filming it. Not sure we need to hype it all...We know there is no prize for second place," opined a user.

"You shouldn't show that to the world. will be hard enough for your guys to get along with what they had to do to conquer russian invasion. to those applauding such videos: is that what you think good society, democracy, christianity stands for?" read a tweet.