Russian Soldier Surrenders Tank for Ukrainian Citizenship and $10,000 Cash Betraying Putin

Misha has been offered a chance to become Ukrainian citizen and thousands of pounds for betraying Vladimir Putin.

A soldier from Putin's forces has surrendered a tank to Ukrainian military forces after which has was offered thousands of pounds and a chance to become an Ukrainian citizen. According to a reports published in Daily Star, the soldier, who goes by the name Misha aka Mikhail voluntarily handed over an operational main battle Russian tank after striking a deal with Ukraine's Interior Ministry and betraying Russia's president Vladimir Putin.

Member of the Russian troops, Viktor Andrusiv, said the offer was relayed to the Ministry of Defense which led to the Russian soldier being given a meeting point. Reportedly, Ukraine's special forces detained Misha after his arrival and he was given $10,000 [£7,500] for helping the Ukrainian army, according to a report published by Daily Sabah.

"It turned out that he was left alone by the tank crew, the rest fled home. He saw no point in fighting. He could not return home because his commander said he would shoot him and write it off as combat losses," Andrusiv wrote on Facebook.

Russian soldier surrenders tank
Screen Shot from Daily Star

"Misha said that there was almost nothing left to do, the command of the troops was chaotic and practically absent. The demoralization is enormous," he revealed according to Daily Star reports.

Andrusiv also confirmed that the Russian soldier has received comfortable conditions of detention and will be receiving $10,000 after the war ends along with the opportunity to apply for Ukrainian citizenship.

Ukraine's central state military company CEO Yuri Gusev also said that $1 million will be offered to those who operate fighter jets into the custody of Ukraine's forces and $500,000 will be given for helicopters.

The CEO also said that the proposition is available for anyone prepared to support Ukrainian forces. He further stated for "every combat-capable stolen or trophy" aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces $1 million will be offered.

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