Ukrainian Tycoon's Wife Anastasia Kotvitska Caught With Unaccounted Sum Of £22 Million At EU Border

In what can be termed as a perfect example of deserting the sinking ship, Ukrainian tycoon Igor Kotvitsky's wife Anastasia Kotvitska was caught with £22 million in cash while crossing through a border into the EU.

Soon after the incident was reported, the social media platforms have flooded with comments of people from various sections of the society. Majority of the social media users have condemned the tycoon for letting down Ukraine under the prevailing circumstances.

Ukrainian tycoon Igor Kotvitsky’s wife Anastasia Kotvitska was caught with £22 million in cash while crossing through a refugee border into the EU.

Kotvitska Successfully Manages To Cross Ukrainian Border

According to the reports carried in cross section of media, during the security check by the customs officials at the Hungarian border, the bricks of cash were reportedly discovered packed into several bags. The fact that Kotvitska successfully managed to get the haul past Ukrainian border officials points towards the possibility of "bribe" as has been indicated in some of the media reports.

Igor Kotvitsky, 54, reportedly controls Nuclear Energy Systems of Ukraine and a number of uranium deposits. He however has denied all the allegations stating that all his money was in Ukrainian banks and that his wife was not carrying the said amount. He also stated that she was leaving the country to give birth.

He also released a statement on his 24-year-old daughter's Instagram account, branding the story "fake and rumors".

Anastasia who was reportedly traveling with her mother and two Hungarian men, has not yet commented.

A Twitter user wrote, "So who is the #Biden $$$ bag man on this trip? "#AnastasiaKotvitska, spouse of former MP #IgorKotvitsky, was allegedly discovered carrying $28million, as well as €1.3million in suit cases, as she crossed the border into #Hungary *bypassing Ukr guards."

"The wife of former Ukrainian Member of Parliament Igor Kotvitsky took 28 million dollars and 1.3 million euros out of the country Ukrainian customs service found nothing. The woman, Anastasia Kotvitska, got caught when she entered Hungary (EU)", expressed another twitter user.

Similarly, another user while sharing his views wrote, "STOP! #Democrats no more money bills to the #Ukraine Glam wife of tycoon caught at Ukrainian border trying to sneak over £22m in cash #anastasia #kotvitska #NaziUkraine #HumanRights #Nigeria #CNN #FoxNews #melanin."