Russian Pilot, Trainee Film Mid-Air Sex Tape with Autopilot On, Fired After Video Goes Viral

A Russian pilot and a trainee have been kicked out of a Russian flying school after their cockpit sex tape emerged online.

According to the local news site Gazeta, the 28-year-old instructor who worked as a pilot at the Sasovo Flight School Of Civil Aviation took off with the unidentified 21-year-old student on a Cessna 172 aircraft.

Pilot Offered to Give Trainee Extra Flying Time for Sex

Russian pilot, trainee sex tape,
The pilot and the trainee seen kissing in a screenshot from the explicit video. Twitter

Local media outlets reported the pilot, a married man, had offered the student extra flying time in exchange for engaging in sexual acts with hi. She had reportedly initially refused because he was married but later acquiesced when he offered the additional "incentive."

When questioned about what happened in the raunchy encounter, the young woman said the plane's autopilot was turned on and claimed they had only kissed and hugged. She later said it was a one-off incident and did not happen again.

Screenshots of the explicit video circulating on social media show the pair kissing on board the aircraft in one image while another shows the young woman in her bra with her feet up on the console inside the aircraft's cockpit.

Russian pilot sex tape
Another still shows the young woman in her bra with her feet up on the console of the aircraft. Twitter

Video Leaked After Row with Fellow Trainee

The scandal came to light when she had a row with one of her fellow cadets, who then decided to post the footage online in an attempt to get revenge, according to local media.

The flight school learned about the video only a month after the incident when the clip started circulating online. Several unidentified employees of the flight school had been alerted to the footage and confirmed that the pilot and cadet were their colleagues.

After the intimate video was confirmed as having been filmed during a flight on one of the planes owned by the school, both the pilot and the cadet were thrown out of the institution, although some media said that the woman had already resigned and collected her paperwork as soon as she heard that the video had been made public.