Russian Mothers, Girlfriends SOBBING For Their Men; Video Shows Child Shouting 'PAPA Please Come Back' As Conscript Father Leaves For Frontlines (WATCH)

Russians are being seen weeping and crying loud as conscripts leave their families, mothers, and girlfriends for their deployment on the frontlines. Children are crying and saying 'come back daddy as their fathers boarded a bus to take part in the Ukraine war.

Days before Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a secret order to mobilize one million reservists and deploy them on the frontlines to fight against Ukraine.

Russian conscripts board buses to join fight against Ukraine Twitter

Videos uploaded on the internet show a girl child sobbing uncontrollably as her daddy boards a vehicle to join Putin's mobilization. The child is also heard saying, "Please come back Papa" in the video.

The video is from Stary Oskol in the Belgorod region where a number of Russian conscripts boarded buses to attend their military service.

One claim was that these men — who are close to the Ukraine border in the Belgorod region — would be the first of the newly recruited to the front, but all are supposed to have at least one month's training first, according to Daily Mail.

Other videos uploaded on the internet show university students being marched by police from their lecture theatres to war service in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, which is a badly-hit region for bloodshed in Putin's war.

The terrifying scene at Buryatia State University emerged only a few days after Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that students from higher education would not be enlisted.

Another video from Makhachkala, Russia, shows buses full of conscripts men leaving the town, and families of conscripts, their mothers, girlfriends, and wives are heard crying badly for their men believing that they could not return home back due to the war.

It came as flights out of Russia were being sold out in a short time after Putin announced the mobilization of reservists, which is the first since World War II. The fares of the flights had also jumped up to £10,000.

Seats on airplanes destined for international airports out of Moscow and St Petersburg were being quickly snapped up following Putin's televised address to the nation yesterday, leaving those who could not afford a five-figure, one-way ticket contemplating being called up for the war in Ukraine, according to Daily Star.

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