Russian Military Releases Video of SU-30 Fighter Intercepting US Spy Planes Over Black Sea

This is the second time in a month Russia has intercepted U.S. spy aircraft in the Black Sea region, which is 8,000 km from the U.S. East Coast.

The Russian air defense system has once again detected US spy planes over neutral waters in the Black Sea, the country's defense ministry said in a statement. Following this, the Russian military published a video of its Su-30 fighter jet intercepting a group of US reconnaissance planes and chasing them out.

According to Russia's Ministry of Defense, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy reconnaissance planes along with a refueling tanker were detected on June 26, making it the eighth interaction between the two superpowers in the past one month. U.S. and Russian aircraft have been engaged in similar interceptions in the Baltic Sea region too over the past few months.

Russia Does it Again

U.S. aircraft
US aircarft seen over Black Sea which were intercepted by Russia's Su-30 on Friday YouTube Grab

According to the defense ministry, the Aerospace Force detected a R-8A Poseidon patrol aircraft, an RC-135 strategic reconnaissance jet and a KC-135 refueling plane over the Black Sea on Friday. The Southern immediately responded and "approached from a safe distance" with a Su-30 fighter from the Black Sea Fleet deployed by the Air Defense Forces in to intercept the targets.

Once intercepted, the US aircraft changed direction, said the defense ministry, while the Su-30 returned to the base. The statement from the defense ministry also added that the Russian fighter plane adhered to regulations for use of international airspace. The ministry also released a video of the Su-30 chasing the U.S. aircraft out of the neutral waters.

Air Conflict Continues

Video released by Russian defense ministry showing Su-30 fighter jet intercepting US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft over Black Sea YouTube

This is the second time Russia has intercepted U.S. spy aircraft in a month in the Black Sea region, which is a great distance from the country's border. Russia has an extensive Black Sea coastline, running from Crimea to Sochi. The U.S East Coast is around 8,000 km away on the other side of the globe. So, U.S. aircraft hovering in this region comes quite as a surprise.

On May 29, a Su-27 and Su-30SM Russian fighters intercepted U.S. Air Force's B-1s that were detected flying with Ukrainian Su-27s and MiG-29s in the area. However, it's not only Russia but U.S. too has often detected movement by Russian spy aircraft in neutral international waters.

The U.S. and Russian aircraft have intercepted each other on multiple occasions in the Baltic Sea in Eastern Europe in the past few months. On June 15, Russia's Su-27s intercepted a U.S. B-52. The United States intercepted Russian aircraft on multiple occasions in the past few weeks. This includes a June 24 intercept of Russian reconnaissance planes off the Alaskan coast.