Putin hints at using Russian army to tackle the spread of coronavirus

Putin shared the idea of taking help of the army to check the spread of the coronavirus in a televised meeting with his officials

Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering taking help of army to combat the coronavirus crisis as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases escalated. Russia reported a rise of more than 2,500 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, it highest daily rise yet. Putin said that the contagion was getting worse with more deaths being reported in the country.

Several areas in Russia, including Moscow, are under lockdown, with people being asked to stay indoors to help contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus. However, Russia is still one of the least affected countries by coronavirus in Europe but Putin has expressed his concern over the crisis that now seems to be peaking.

Can Army help Russia?


Putin in a televised meeting held by a video link told officials that he is considering using the army to help manage the escalating coronavirus crisis. "You need to use this experience, of course, and bear in mind that all these options, including the options of the defense ministry, if needed, can and should be involved here," Putin said.

Putin also cited examples of medical teams from Russia sent to Italy and Serbia to help those countries tackle the coronavirus crisis. The Kremlin critics had, however, shown anger towards a similar move to send a medical team to the United States, terming it as a publicity stunt, as Russia right now is itself grappling to bring the spread of the virus under control.

The Kremlin, although, such allegations saying that Russia is now in a position to help the United Sates only in the future. Putin also said that the resources displayed by the Russian army are "only a fraction of what the defence ministry has" and that the "main reserves are still in reserve".

Russia tighten measures

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits hospital
Russian President Vladimir Putin visits hospital Twitter Grab/ @Brasco_Aad

Although Russia continues to be far lesser affected than many countries like Italy, Spain and the United States, it has seen a surge in coronavirus cases over the past few days. Russia reported 2,558 new coronavirus cases with Moscow being one of the most affected.

Moscow, which is under lockdown, has reported 10,158 cases, with 72 deaths. A new website was separately launched for Moscow on Monday under which residents will have register and seek permission to avail public transport or use private vehicles. The website was partially functioning on Monday as there were disruptions, which authorities said was because of attempts made by hackers.

The permit system will be applicable from Wednesday. Authorities said that despite the website partially functioning, they have succeeded in issuing around 700,000 permits to people who have applied to use public or private vehicles to reach work.

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