Armageddon Aftermath: Russian Media Shows Mushroom Clouds in Simulated Footage (WATCH)

Russian media has shown a chilling video of mushroom clouds to its audience. The horrific footage was shown in anticipation of a nuclear conflict. The clip was aired by NTV, which is owned by the media wing of the Kremlin-dependent energy giant Gazprom.

The horrifying video shows the nuclear explosions and the Armageddon aftermath. "In anticipation of nuclear conflict, how weapons of mass destruction have become part of the geopolitical game," said the title of the sequence.

Mushroom cloud
Mushroom cloud Screengrab

NTV Showed Mushroom Clouds

The television sequence blamed the West for too much talk of nuclear war, when it's Putin's acolytes and propagandists—plus the Kremlin leader himself—who are constantly floating the threat of atomic apocalypse, according to the Daily Mail.

Vasily Kashin, a military and political analyst at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, told the audience that in the current conflict, the West has superiority in resources and conventional weaponry. "We're in a situation in which superiority in resources and conventional weaponry is on the side of the West."

NTV Showed Nuclear Explosions

Although Kashin assured the audience that Moscow's full power is based on its nuclear arsenal.

Another clip that appeared on Russian TV showed military equipment heading west from Krasnoyarsk, which is more than 4,000 km away from the war zone.

Nuclear Bombers Spotted Near Finland

The horrifying footage by Putin's media came after Russia's nuclear bombers have been spotted near the border with Finland. Satellite images show TU-160 and TU-95 at the Olenya airbase. These aircraft are capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Israeli intelligence firm ImageSat International detected an "irregular presence" of Russian TU-160 and TU-95 strategic bombers at the Olenya airbase. Four TU-160s were seen at the base on August 21 and three TU-95s were seen on September 25, reported reported The Sun.

"The system indicates that Engels air base is the possible departure point of the strategic bombers detected at Olenya airbase," according to ImageSat International.

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