Russian Defense Ministry Confirms the Takeover of Kherson is Complete

Russia's Defence Ministry has confirmed that the Russian troops have taken complete control of the entire region of Kherson as the Ukraine war is entering the fourth week.

Earlier on March 3, the city's mayor had confirmed that the Russian forces had beaten the resistance forces back and that the citizens should obey the orders of the invading army.

Russian soldiers and tanks
Russian soldiers and tanks seen in Kherson after taking control of the city Twitter

This had happened after the Russian army took control over Kherson after intense fighting that saw them finally forcing their way into the council building and claiming victory.

Weeks later, Russia has affirmed it has taken full control of the key port city. Major General Igor Konashenkov, the Ministry's official representative, said on Tuesday that the troops from 'Donetsk People's Republic' also broke through Ukrainian defences and took control of the settlement of Panteleymonovka, IANS reported.

According to the official, Russian air defences shot down 16 Ukrainian military aircraft, including 13 drones, in the past 24 hours.

More Cities Under Attack

The aircraft include one Su-24 and Su-25 of the Ukrainian Air Force, as well as an Mi-8 helicopter. The Russian armed forces have also attacked a Ukrainian airbase near Kramatorsk, Konashenkov said. In the attack, three hangars were destroyed, in which there were four Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft, one Mi-24 helicopter and five Mi-8 helicopters.

Russian tanks Kherson
Russian tanks seen on a street in Kherson after army took control of the city Twitter

Kherson, which has a population of 290,000 people, is located 300 kilometres south of Kyiv.

Meanwhile, sporadic shelling and missile attacks continued to be reported in the capital Kyiv as Russia forces its way to the city.

On Tuesday, a harrowing video emerged showing a deadly missile striking a bus in Kyiv city causing it to erupt in flames, as onlookers rush for cover. The chilling surveillance video footage was released by Kyiv City Council on Monday.

This comes as Russia continued to bomb Kharkiv and other cities across Ukraine on Monday.