Russian Commander of 13th Tank Regiment Dies by Suicide Due to Faulty Tanks in Reserve? Engines Stolen, Claims Ukraine

A Russian commander of a tank regiment has committed suicide after learning that the reserve tanks of the unit were in un-serviceable condition, claimed the Kyiv's Ministry of Defence. However, the name of the deceased commander was not released by the Ukrainian authorities in the announcement made on social media.

As the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict entered its second month, Western officials released the name of seven Russian generals who they claimed have been killed or sacked since the war began.

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Commander Shot Himself Due to Faulty Tanks

The Daily Mail reported that in a social media update, the Kyiv's Ministry of Defence claimed that the commander of the '13th tank regiment' within the '4th tank division of the Russian Federation' shot himself.

Claiming that the Russian forces were battling with poorly maintained military vehicles besides having 'the problem of the impossibility of restoring equipment after "deconservation" from warehouses,' the Ukrainian claimed that there have been cases of theft of the parts too.

Revealing that Russia was building storage and repair facilities in the Klimove, Bryansk region, the Ministry wrote on its Telegram channel, "Currently, the enemy RVB is trying to 'put into operation' a significant amount of equipment coming from long-term storage facilities. The condition of this equipment is mostly extremely unsatisfactory, which makes its full use impossible.'

"At present, plans to transfer equipment taken from storage to the front have actually been thwarted," it added further.

The outlet further reported that the unnamed commander of the 4th Panzer Division allegedly committed suicide after coming to know that only one tank out of the 10 in reserve was 'more or less' operational. The in operational tanks were completely dismantled and the engines missing.

Social Media Reacts to the Report

Sharing the Ministry's post on Twitter, Nexta wrote, "The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of #Ukraine reports the suicide of the commander of the 13th Tank Regiment of the 4th Tank Division of #Russia."

"If ascertained this becomes possibly the first such suicide case of a field-grade officer in the battlefield. Adding to earlier reports of fratricide of a brigade commander this represents another new low in morale among the Russian forces," tweeted a user.

"A #Russian regiment tank commander commits suicide. This is how well is going the #SpecialMilitaryOperation," wrote another.

"I'm not happy that a Russian tank commander committed suicide. His death was unnecessary. He could have deserted and joined the Ukrainians. Putin should follow Hitler not the soldiers who are zombified prisoners of Putin's fascist dictatorship. We don't need even one more death," expressed a user.