Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Caught Wearing Vulgar Socks With Di*ks Printed on It? Dubious Images Surface

A viral claim suggesting that Canadian Prime Minister was wearing socks with di*k-shaped designs printed on it while attending the World Economic Forum event is found to be fake. The viral image was altered from an original one which was taken in January 2018.

Despite the image being a fake one, it was discussed widely among the social media users.

Justin Trudeau
A doctored image of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone viral on social media. Twitter

Trudeau Wore Socks To Humiliate Others?

The image shows the Canadian Prime Minister sitting on stage during the World Economic Forum. His blue colored socks with animated prints are visible. On closer examination one can find different dick-shaped doodled on the socks in bright yellow and orange color.

Even though the origin of the doctored image was not clear, it certainly enraged a few social media users. "The dipshit In dick socks" tweeted a user.

"Hard work ? You wouldn't know hard work if it hit you over the head You should have tried comedy , politics and running a country are too big of shoes for you to fill . Why would a grown ass man , Leader of a country , wear dick socks ? How embarrassing," expressed a user while replying to Trudeau's tweet.

"And wear dicks on my socks!!" wrote a user as another added, "Limp dick socks, so appropriate for that turd."

Here is the Truth

Debunking the claim being made through the viral image, Reuters claimed that the design on his socks in the image has been altered.

Claiming that the original photo is available on the AP Images, the outlet claimed that the original design on the purple socks shows yellow ducks. "Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai participate in a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018, in Davos, Switzerland. (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press via AP)" read the original caption under the image.

Body and Soul had published an article while gushing over Trudeau's quirky pair socks. Titled "Justin Trudeau's Socks Are Breaking The Internet – Again," the article claimed that it "wasn't the first time the Canadian PM has wowed us with his sartorial footwear. In September, he busted out an incredible pair of Star Wars-themed socks featuring Chewbacca during a panel discussion at a Bloomberg Global Business Forum."

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