Russia Has 'World's Biggest' Bomb; Tsar Bomb is 3000x More Powerful Than WWII Era Hiroshima Bomb

Russia has the world's biggest bomb which is 3000 times more powerful than the bomb used by the US in Hiroshima. The Tsar hydrogen bomb, which was unleashed over the Arctic Ocean in 1961, is 3333 times more destructive than the World War II era bomb.

The apocalypse bomb weighs 27 tonnes and is eight meters long. Russia released footage of the detonation of the bomb in 2020 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Russia's nuclear production.

Tsar bomb
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Huge Mushroom Cloud Plume 42 Miles Into The Air

The clip released by Russia's nuclear weapons division ROSATOM shows a huge mushroom cloud plume 42 miles into the air, towering above Mount Everest seven times over, according to a report.

The now-infamous footage sees the camera blinded by a white light, before coming back into focus with a huge mushroom cloud visible in the distance. Had the detonation been done with conventional explosives it would have been as powerful as 50 million tonnes of TNT, according to Daily Star.

Shockwave Felt Nearly 75 Miles Away

The bomb's explosion was big as when Tu-95V bomber dropped the payload, it was hit by the shockwave nearly 75 miles away. The blast could be seen from 650 miles away.

The reminder came as Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he's not bluffing on nuclear weapons, Russia has disastrous nukes and it can use them whenever needed. Russia's strongman has also ordered partial mobilization, under which 3,00,000 fighters will be mobilized.

"I'm not bluffing. That's why I asked the ministry of defense to agree to partial mobilization. We are talking about partial mobilization, that is, only citizens who are currently in the reserve will be subject to conscription, and above all, those who served in the armed forces have a certain military specialty and relevant experience," said Putin in a televised address on Wednesday.

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This article was first published on September 21, 2022