Running Man ratings climb even higher, Lee Kwang Soo does Hula dance

Running Man members go farming. Lee Kwang-soo gets most painful leg waxing ever.

Running Man
Jun So-min and Lee Kwang-soo filming episode 373 of 'Running Man.' Episode airs October 22.

The latest episode of 'Running Man' got 8.8 percent ratings as per AGB Nielsen, in South Korea, the highest number in 2017. The viewers also think the show has been getting better. The upcoming episode has been titled 'Do whatever you want.' The 'Running Man' members are seen farming, fishing, dancing and even getting waxing done. Of course, for Lee Kwang-soo, things rarely happen how he wants them to.

On October 19, SBS released a teaser clip from episode 373 of 'Running Man' with a seemingly misleading title 'Do whatever you want.' It might appear as if the variety show's members will have a fun, relaxed and less challenging day. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a relaxed day on 'Running Man,' except perhaps when fortune tellers occupy an entire episode or two.

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In the clip, Kwang-soo appeared as if he was going to collapse from sheer exhaustion while dancing with Haha. It seems the tallest 'Running man' member was asked to dance like a Hula dancer from Hawaii. Kwang-soo's Hawaiian look was complete with a flower tucked in his hair and what appeared to be a red towel wrapped around his waist.

He was sweating profusely and appeared quite exhausted. It was probably a punishment for Lee Kwang-soo, seeing as he gets a lot of them on the show. However, Kwang-soo's tribulations weren't over. He also had to get waxing done on his legs.

Leg waxing somehow ended up being chosen as an activity on the 'Do whatever you want' episode. And like always, the members decided to make the experience a memorable one for Lee Kwang-soo. Not in a good way, of course. Kwang-soo appears to be lying on his back, his shoulders held firmly by another member.

After the wax was applied and the paper strip laid on top of Kwang-soo's shin area, it was quickly ripped off. Kwang-soo arched his back, shutting his eyes and screaming from the sharp pain, while the others were heard laughing at his unfortunate predicament, off-screen. It can be expected that Kwang-soo will not try waxing on himself anytime in the near future.

Other than Kwang-soo's harrowing experiences, the 'Running Man' members more or less had a good time filming the upcoming episode. They decided to secure their own lunch for the day. Rather than go to a restaurant, they went to a farmland and started digging for some vegetables. The cast got to experience first hand, the intense toil and labour a farmer puts in to secure food for others.

After a lot of digging and sweating under the heat of the sun, the members successfully plucked out some sweet potatoes. They also went fishing on a speedboat and caught a squid. Lunch was complete with cups of instant noodles.

The upcoming episode of 'Running Man' airs on October 22 at 4:50 p.m. KST, on SBS. Watch the teaser clip below.

This article was first published on October 21, 2017