Newly married Singaporean actress Apple Hong not worried about having children

Apple Hong recently said her marriage on October 10 was accidental.

Singaporean actress Apple Hong
Singaporean actress Apple Hong got married to her long-time businessman boyfriend on October 10.

Singaporean actress, host and singer Apple Hong recently announced that she had gotten married last week, in what was a very private ceremony. She also revealed her thoughts on having children.

As noted by The Star Online, in a recent interview where the 39-year-old actress opened up on her secret marriage, she was asked about her baby plans. The former MediaCorp actress answered that she isn't really too worried about having children and her attitude is one of "let it be."

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It was on October 10 that Apple Hong registered her marriage with her long-time boyfriend. In the interview, she revealed, "I accidentally got married, I'm already a wife." When asked about her husband, all she revealed was that he was a Singaporean businessman who likes to maintain a low profile.

As noted by Channel News Asia, she revealed in an interview with entertainment magazine '8 Days' that her husband was a "very private person." She added, "My husband doesn't like me talking about him in the media as he's very low profile."

As for the marriage registration, she said, "We just invited two witnesses and a priest to our home, and then signed our names." She also told '8 Days' magazine, "I didn't really post about it as I wanted it to be a simple affair," adding, "I have my own ways to keep it a secret!" Perhaps the secrecy around the marriage had more to do with her husband who does not like attracting attention to his life.

It was also noted that Apple Hong and her husband had earlier held a wedding banquet in Kuala Lumpur on September 30. She had invited many more family members and friends back then: about 50 to 60 people.

Interestingly, former Malaysian-Chinese actress and television host Tracy Lee married businessman Ben Goi on September 30. She had asked Apple Hong to attend her wedding ceremony, unaware that the latter was holding her wedding banquet on the very same day. "I said, 'Aiyah, sorry ah, I'm also getting married that day,'" she recalled telling Lee.

Apple Hong was born in Malaysia. She was first runner-up in the Malaysian edition of Star Search 1999. After being offered a contract by the Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS), now MediaCorp, she moved to Singapore and settled there. Her first film appearance was in the 2005 Jack Neo film, 'One More Chance.' She has appeared in about 27 movies in all.

Congratulations to Apple Hong and her husband! We also wish Apple Hong success with her future endeavours.

This article was first published on October 19, 2017