Running Man: Lee Kwang Soo's Jakarta fans prove how much they love him

Jun So-min is overwhelmed by Lee Kwang-soo's overseas popularity.

Lee Kwang-soo
Lee Kwang-soo waves at his fans from inside his van, at Yogyakarta airport, Jakarta. Jun So-min appears overwhelmed. Running Man

Lee Kwang-soo seems like the member with the worst luck on 'Running Man.' He is the butt of everyone's jokes and often gets himself in hilariously embarrassing situations. The most popular members are Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook. However, that doesn't mean Kwang-soo has any less fan following. He is after all the "Prince of Asia." A recent visit to Jakarta again proved how much his overseas fans love him.

As noted by Allkpop, the 'Running Man' members had to travel to Jakarta, capital of Indonesia for an episode of the popular variety show. Being the Traitor Couple, obviously Jun So-min was paired with Kwang-soo as they caught a flight to Jakarta together. The chemistry between the two is palpable.

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Before they entered the airport, Jun So-min is seen showing Kwang-soo the colourful lace bracelet that he bought for her at a departmental store. She had wanted it initially and he surprised her by actually buying it for her. Their love line on 'Running Man' is undoubtedly one of the best things to happen in 'Running Man' of late.

A slightly wary Kwang-soo, wearing an orange hoodie with the words "plagiarism" printed on it, is seen following Jun So-min towards their departure gate, to collect the boarding passes. Jun So-min as always is seen in a sprightly mood, smiling away, while Kwang-soo looks as clueless as he almost always does. A display monitor gives the final call for 'Economy Class' passengers of the Jakarta-bound flight.

They land at Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport. Screaming fans have already gathered outside the international terminal in droves; with their phone cameras out. Many of them are holding placards that read, "Welcome to Yogya Lee Kwang-soo; Prince of Asia." Kwang-soo exits the airport; a white mask on his mouth. He is seen gratefully waving to the fans with both hands.

The guards dressed in black help them into a large white van, while the excited screaming continues. The 'Running Man' camera quickly captures one particular placard that reads, "Welcome to Yogya, The Betrayers couple of RM." Jun So-min appears overwhelmed at the sight of Kwang-soo's fan following. She raises her thumbs approvingly. On the way to their hotel, Jun So-min bumps her head slightly while talking too much.

These video diaries are as much fun as the challenges in 'Running Man' themselves. They at least confirm that Lee Kwang-soo and Jun So-min feel like the perfect couple; their interactions are innocent, hilarious and adorable. The pair absolutely feel like two children, sometimes acting cute, sometimes bickering with each other and without fail making viewers and fans smile whenever they are on screen.

It is also very promising that the September 24 episode of 'Running Man' got the highest ratings since January 1 this year. It clinched an impressive 8.7 percent as per AGB Nielsen Korea and 9.6 percent as per TNmS ratings. The next episode airs on October 1 and we can't wait.

This article was first published on September 26, 2017