This is how Running Man member Lee Kwang Soo supports Comfort Women

Lee Kwang-soo was seen using a Marymond brand phone case with a lily and magnolia print in a recent Running Man episode.

Lee Kwang-soo
Lee Kwang-soo seen using a Marymond brand phone case in a recent 'Running Man' episode. Running Man

Even though he is called a traitor during the 'Running Man' challenges, in reality Lee Kwang-soo is a kind human being. He is known to be quite considerate for others and likes to help people, especially those who are less fortunate. It was recently learned that Kwang-soo has also been helping comfort women in his own way.

As noted by website Soompi, during a recent episode of SBS variety show 'Running Man,' Lee Kwang-soo was seen using a phone case of a brand that supports comfort women. It was a race and Kwang-soo was being chased by the other cast members who kept calling him by phone. It is here that his phone caught the attention of viewers.

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Kwang-soo was seen using a Marymond brand phone case with a lily and magnolia print. This particular print is produced by Marymond in honour of Kim Bok-dong. She was a sex slave during the Japanese Occupation Era and testified against the soldiers of the then Imperial Japanese Army following the defeat of Japan at the end of World War II. Marymond is known to donate part of their sales profit to support comfort women.

Lee Kwang-soo is known to use Marymond phone cases, as is evident from his Instagram posts. The tallest 'Running Man' member also reportedly visited the Marymond Lounge with EXO member D.O.. A Marymond staff however recently said in an interview, "I heard that Lee Kwang Soo and EXO's D.O. visited Marymond Lounge a few days ago. I didn't see them even though I work there; I only found out after seeing posts on social media." Marymond has said they do not sponsor any celebrities directly.

In addition to helping out comfort women, Kwang-soo has also been helping sick children. As noted by Soompi, Kwang-soo recently participated in 'Save the Children' campaign in addition to donating 100 million won (approximately $88,000) to children suffering from serious illness.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang-soo will be starring in a new drama from tvN, called 'Live,' about the everyday lives of the police. The drama written by No Hee-kyung and directed by Kim Kyu-tae is expected to air early next year.

This article was first published on September 24, 2017