Running Man: Lee Kwang Soo and Jun So Min are 'crazy' for each other [WATCH]

Running Man members Lee Kwang-soo and Jun So-min were in Jakarta on a penalty-tour.

Lee Kwang-soo and Jun So-min
Jun So-min and Lee Kwang-soo during the spot picture flming of Running Man Episode.370, 'Tiger moth tour.' The episode aired on October 1.

'Running Man' members Lee Kwang-soo and Jun So-min is everyone's favourite Traitor Couple on the show. Fans love them because of their unique odd-couple chemistry in addition to looking cute with each other. While Jun So-min is always smiling and joking, Kwang-soo acts surprised and befuddled. He is also seen to be genuinely caring towards So-min. Recently, the twosome took their chemistry to a new level by bickering like a couple and calling each other crazy.

On the October 1 episode of SBS's variety show 'Running Man,' a clip from Lee Kwang-soo and Jun So-min's Jakarta penalty tour was shown, after the two had returned to South Korea. As noted by Allkpop, the tour showed the two 'Running Man' members pitted against each other in a quick quiz. They were asked to guess the meaning of a certain hand gesture.

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It was Lee Kwang-soo who spared no time in guessing the meaning of the hand gesture, which turned out to be "crazy person." Jeon So-min was a bit disappointed that Kwang-soo was marching ahead of her and asked Kwang-soo why he was shouting the answers out loud without the permission of the show's producer. She then asked the producer, "How come you're not pointing out this kind of unfairness?"

Kwang-soo became a bit frustrated at Jun So-min's complaints and asked her, "How much do I need to continue to match you? How much more do I have to be considerate towards you?" To this Jun So-min held up her right hand in front of her forehead and then made the "crazy person" hand sign to Kwang-soo who also turned towards her and made the same hand gesture.

They acted like a pair of angry children and then shook each other's head like only crazy people would do. Jun So-min couldn't hold it anymore and burst out laughing, causing Lee Kwang-soo to smile as well. Yang Se-chan, who was watching the clip with the "crazy" pair, commented, "Both of them are out of their minds." The traitor couple also found their own antics to be funny and not embarrassing.

It is refreshing to see Lee Kwang-soo and Jun So-min every time they are on screen; especially when they act as a team or as the Traitor Couple. Obviously they have a strong friendship, which the producing director (PD) of 'Running Man' has noted in the past.

It is noteworthy that the pair never actually get angry at each other and are always seen joking and laughing. Jun So-min's smile and laughter in particular is infectious and her pairing with funny man Lee Kwang-soo is perhaps the best thing to have happened in the variety programme of late. Watch the clip below.

The next episode of 'Running Man' airs on October 8 at 4:50 p.m. KST on SBS.

This article was first published on October 2, 2017