Rumors Rubbished: aespa's Karina Dances to The Tune of EXO's Kai, Shows Off Skills Before Debut

EXO's Kai and aespa's Karina show off their acting, dancing skills while shooting for a commercial. Karina is all set to debut on November 17

Karina aka Yoo Jimin of SM Entertainment's new girl group aespa has teamed up with EXO's Kai to show off her dancing skills, before her debut. Kai and Karina joined hands for a commercial to virtually showcase the Hyundai Tuscon. Both Kpop stars stunned the team with a special dance performance.

The teaming has garnered attention as earlier there were rumors that Karina aka Yoo Jimin had spoken badly of Kai. The rumors had stated that after shooting this commercial, Karina had called Kai ugly and was not happy about pairing up with him. But this was rubbished as rumors by her agency SM Entertainment.

Kai Karina
EXO's Kai and aespa's Karina danced to a concept during the shooting of Hyundai commercial. Twitter

During the virtual showcase that was released on November 1, Karina and Kai also showed off their acting skills as they appeared as a couple meeting in the real world but in another dimension. It looked like it was extension of aespa members' introductory concept.

Debut of aespa girl group

Both Karina and Kai are represented by SM Entertainment. The new girl group aespa is a four-member group all set for debut later this month. The agency announced that aespa will debut on November 17 with their first single Black Mamba at 6 p.m. KST.

Winter Karina Aespa
SM Entertainment introduced members of its new girl group aespa, Winer and Karina. Instagram

The four members of the group are Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning. According to SM Entertainment, the word aespa is inspired by the concepts of avatar, experience and aspect. The group wants to showcase the ability to be able to meet another self through an avatar and experience a new world.

Last time SM Entertainment had introduced a KPop group was in 2016 when NCT debuted. Karina is grabbing headlines as she was rumored to have badmouthed BTS, NCT too in a social media message. But the agency took a stand and came to the rescue of Yoo Jimin, who was reveled as the member of new girl group aespa, just weeks after the controversy broke.

Yoo Jimin's stage name Karina was not announced till her profile was released on October 27. However the messages that were released in social media in early October addressed her as Carina. Thus fans are still debating over the possibility of Karina speaking badly of SM Entertainment groups EXO and NCT.

However, the agency is on her side and out of aespa's four members Karina has trained with SM Entertainment for four years. She has also been given a rare opportunity of showing off her dancing skills with popular Kpop star Kai even before her debut.

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