Royal Guard Near Queen's Coffin Collapses in Westminster Hall; Sparks Speculations About Booster Side Effects (Video)

A video of a royal guard collapsing while standing vigil near the coffin of Queen Elizabeth in Westminster Hall in London has sparked a series of reactions on the social media. The viral video has prompted the reactions ranging from the role of Covid-19 vaccine to lambasting the royal protocols.

Westminster Guard
A royal guard fainted near the Queen's coffin in Westminster Hall, London. Screenshot/Twitter

Identity of the Royal Guard Remains a Mystery

A procession led by King Charles III took the Queen's coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. Later, the venue was opened in the evening to allow the public to pay their respects to the Queen. The Queen will now lie in state until 6.30am on Monday, after which the coffin will be taken to Westminster Abbey for the funeral.

The incident involving the royal guard happened during the change of guard ceremony inside the Westminster Hall. The guard is seen stumbling a few times as he takes near the coffin along with three other guards. After stabilizing himself, the guard is seen looking straight ahead.

Moments later he collapses and falls off the stage while landing on his face. A few people are seen rushing towards him. The Guardian reported that two mourners were treated by paramedics after they collapsed due to extreme heat while waiting in the queue.

Social Media Reacts

The 17-second clip invited a lot of reactions from the social media users. "The guards were obviously tired and unbalanced, and the funeral took a long time to finish," tweeted a user.

"New booster shot?," wrote a user as another added, "Looks like his booster kicked in just in time."

"Just FYI, when standing at attention for a long time people tend to lock their knees and it causes blood flow issues causing people to pass out, it's not uncommon. BTW I'd be the first to question if it's Vax or not but maybe not here," read another tweet.

"They are human people, good Lord reptiles give them a break once in awhile," expressed a user.

"What happens when you worship a bloodline," opined a user. "Did he collapse or lose his sense of balance by trying to use his ceremonial staff as a support," wrote another.

"Poor guy. I was wondering if this ever happened. It's crazy how they stand so still for so long," tweeted one.