Robbers wearing surgical masks steal $250,000 from Aqueduct Racetrack in New York

Employee suspect that it has to do with someone inside the job

Two armed thieves ran off with quarter-million dollars on Saturday night from Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, New York City. The bandits committed the crime four hours after the last race of the day at around 10 PM. Police reported that the robbers made off with $250,000 from the Queens, racetrack.

New York Racing Association (NYRA) employees were transporting the cash from office from the third floor where cash is counted, to Queens facility. On the way from the second floor to the first-floor, employees were taken to the nearby room by the gunmen and were asked to hand over the cash and their cell phones on gunpoint. Robbers wearing surgical mask were not discovered after reaching the first floor through elevators.

NYPD Police Car
NYPD Police Car Wikimedia Commons

Some from inside was involved: Employee

One of the employees claimed that someone from the inside is involved in the robbery by stating, "How did they know exactly where they bring the money down? The exact route from upstairs to the vault downstairs? It had to be someone familiar with the procedure here."

New York Police Department is still searching for two suspects who robbed $250,000 from three unarmed employees with no harm. Robbers left through Turf and Field entrance on the south side of Aqueduct complex where there are no cameras. In a recent case, four masked crooks fled away with hundreds of dollars worth of booze from a liquor store at Queens on Monday.

Joe Bidden on gun Violence

Meanwhile, in a recent debate over 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, Joe Biden, former Vice President of United States was misquoted by saying that "over 150 million Americans were killed by gun violence since 2007."

This means that 150 million which is approximately half of the US current population been killed by gun violence. He was speaking against the law which protects gun manufacture and distribution industry against civil liability actions brought over the misuse of the weapons by others.