NYPD police shoot naked man as one officer gets shot during encounter in Harlem

The bullet did not penetrate the 34-year-old officer's body as he wearing a protective vest during the gunfight.

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A police officer was reportedly shot in an encounter with an armed naked man inside a Harlem apartment in New York. The 34-year-old officer was taken to the Mount Sinai St Luke's hospital in stable condition as stated by Police Commissioner James O'Neill.

The gunfire did not penetrate the officer's body as he was wearing a protective vest and was later released.

The suspect who was shot dead by the cops has been identified as Victor Hernandez, was pronounced dead at the Harlem Hospital. The firearm of the 29-year-old suspect was recovered at the scene, as per the Police Commissioner. The suspect was the superintendent of the building located at 2785 Frederick Douglass Boulevard and his mother was a police officer.

The police arrived at the scene after they received a call from a woman who complained that a man was harassing her banging on the door and breaking glasses.

At around 2 am in the morning when the police entered the building one of the officers encountered the man on the second floor who was standing naked pointing a 9mm semiautomatic handgun at the 34-year-old officer.

A violent struggle between the two started and the man shot the police officer. The other officers arrived at the spot and shot the suspect, O'Neill said as quoted by the New York Post.