Road to Kingdom Live Finale Worldwide; Here Is How International Fans Can Vote

Two teams will be eliminated on June 11 and only five groups will advance to the finale of Road to Kingdom to be held on June 18

The finale of Road to Kingdom will be streamed live worldwide on Mnet's k-pop YouTube channel on June 18. The winning team will get to star in the show Comeback War: Kingdom (tentative title). International fans of Road to Kingdom will not only be able to watch the show live but also can vote for their favorite candidate.

Road to Kingdom is a globally popular show. Apart from the YouTube channel, the show will also be aired on Mnet television channel in Korea. Those who have access to the Mnet channel outside Korea too can watch the live event. This season, the groups Pentagon, ONF, Golden Child, The Boyz, Veryvery, Oneus, and Too are contesting against each other in Road to Kingdom.

Here is How International Fans Can Vote

Road To Kingdom
The Golden Child, Pentagon and The Boyz groups perform in the Road to Kingdom show. Instagram

The international fans can vote for the live finale in realtime on the Whosfan app. These global votes will consist of 30 percent of the total voting during the final live broadcast. The rest of the 70 percent votes will be domestic text votes (from Korea).

The winners will be announced after combining scores from cumulative and competition rounds. There will be three competition rounds, cumulative views include video clips on Mnet's official YouTube and Naver TV accounts and the Hanteo Chart's digital score for each group's comeback song that will be released on June 12 at 6 p.m. KST will also be considered.

The seventh episode of Road to Kingdom will air on June 11, when the scores from the third round of competitions will be revealed. Each group will reveal their cumulative scores so far.

Elimination Round Worries Contestants

On June 11, the team with the lowest overall ranking so far will be eliminated. Out of seven, only five groups will advance to the June 18 finale. Oneus, Too, and ONF performed on June 4, the rest of the teams will perform on June 11.

Mnet will calculate the final voting through its observer system. The observers will include people from outside the company. They will be in charge of monitoring gathering, counting votes, and also reflecting the results in the broadcast. This system is followed to ensure free and fair voting and selection of candidates.

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