Rita Ora accused of having raucous parties at her rented farmhouse during coronavirus lockdown

Rita Ora is spending her lockdown at a rented farmhouse in the countryside away from her luxurious home in London and has been posting sultry snaps on her Instagram handle. The singer first shared a see-through snap of herself in a purple sheer top and later followed it up with pictures of sizzling leopard print bikinis as she soaked up the sun and also shared the paintings that she drew during the quarantine period.

It is now come to light that Ora is staying in the countryside farmhouse, which is 150 miles away from her London home with five more friends of hers and reports are doing the rounds that the locals in the village are furious about their behavior, which includes playing loud music all night, trespassing their farmlands and having raucous parties.

Rita Ora Leopard Print Lingerie Hot
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Rita Ora's friend denies she's having parties at the farmhouse

Despite reports about Ora and her friends' behavior causing a furor in the silent countryside, her friend told The Sun that none of the reports are true and Ora is serious about the lockdown and has self-isolated herself in the rented farmhouse and not is wandering around.

''She is deadly serious about coronavirus lockdown and doing her bit by self-isolating and not travelling home." Her friend also denied accusations that Rita held ''raucous parties'' and stated that the singer hasn't done anything upsetting to the locals as she rarely steps out of the farmhouse.

Rita Ora has applied to be an NHS volunteer

Ora is walking in the footsteps of her mother, Vera Sahatciu, who is an NHS psychiatrist amid the coronavirus crisis and the singer had recently signed up as an NHS volunteer as she wants to serve people during these tough times. When asked about her decision, she praised her mother for inspiring her to make such a bold moves.

She said: ''I think my mum is truly... she thrives off doing her duty, and what made me want to volunteer is that I just found seeing it first hand this is so real that I felt like what could I possibly do? I just think it's truly heroic, seeing all the doctors on the front line. It goes to show we as a humanity can still come together and be unified, it's truly an amazing time to come out the other end and think we can do this together.''

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