Rihanna Insults Hindu God? Topless Photo Wearing Lord Ganesha Pendant Sparks Outrage

Rihanna, whose comment on India's farmers' protest created a buzz recently, is back in the spotlight for another controversial stunt. The pop idol shared an image from her scandalous lingerie photoshoot which has her display a pendant of Lord Ganesha clung to the chain on her neck, sparking outrage in India.

The singer had supported Indian farmers by posting a Tweet linking to a news article about the protests with a caption that read: "Why aren't we talking about this?!" She has now taken to her Twitter account to promote her lingerie line Savage X Fenty, wearing the Lord Ganesha pendant.

Social media users have slammed the singer, saying her post is 'derogatory' and accused her of disrespecting gods and hurting the sentiment of Indians. "It's appalling to see how @Rihanna shamefully mocks our beloved Hindu God #Ganesha. This exposes how #Rihanna has no idea or respect for Indian culture, tradition and our issues here," wrote a Twitter user. Not just Twitter, the controversy-creating photo was also posted on Rihanna's Savage x Fenty and as well as on her personal Instagram account, which has over 90 million followers.

The World Hindu Council also said that it had filed police complaints demanding action against Rihanna's Facebook and Twitter accounts for hosting the scandalous picture in which Rihanna covers her breast using her arm. In the photo, she showed off her purple accented jewellery which includes - a bracelet, earrings, a diamond pendant with a carving of Ganesha, a Hindu god.

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Who is 'Ganesha' in Hinduism?

Ganesha (also known as Ganesh, Ganapati and Vinayaka) is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and the brother of the war god Karthikeya (or Subrahmanya). He was born after Goddess Parvati went to take a bath when she created a human form out of some turmeric paste. With her powers, she breathed life into it and called him Ganesha.

Rihanna's SAVAGE X FENTY' Lingerie collections:

Rihanna founded her entrepreneurial venture, a lingerie line called 'Savage X Fenty', in 2018. The brand, which has an optional membership program, is a joint venture between the pop singer and TechStyle Fashion Group. Rihanna's Savage X Fenty is popular worldwide. The brand has its own social media accounts, including an Instagram account, which has 4 million followers.