With the Right Skill Set, a Single Developer Can Have a Big Impact – Mateus Batista Illustrates This Time and Time Again

Mateus Batista

There are some people that are meant for a specific career path, and it's clear that Mateus Batista's talents as a developer are natural and powerful. Before pursuing his bachelor's degree, he earned a Computer Maintenance and Technical Support degree, which was just the beginning for Mateus. He then went on to study Information Systems at the University of Southern Santa Catarina, Brazil, where he published work focused on developing micro service-based web applications using the framework Spring.

In recent years, it has become clear just how much can be achieved with technological tools, even by just one person. Prior to graduating with his bachelor's degree, Mateus offered his skill set in roles such as a system support analyst where he helped individuals and organizations deploy new programs, databases, and systems. In 2014, he collaborated with Deltacon, a small IT consulting company. The experience offered Mateus a wide variety of critical career skills.

There, he got exposure to implementing ASP.NET applications and maintaining SQL databases, which were both foundational learning experiences that Mateus would pull from later on in his career. After two years of gaining exposure and learning new skills, Mateus was hired by Orsegups, the biggest Brazilian electronic security company. At Orsegups, he focused on upgrading, creating, and maintaining applications for clients in the surveillance sector. He mastered Java and other cloud-based technologies like Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS.

Armed with a wide variety of programming languages and an impressive breadth of experience, Mateus took his talents to Bridge Laboratory. His time at Bridge Lab left him with some of his proudest career accomplishments. He was an integral developer in constructing an electronic medical record system for the Brazilian Ministry of Health. This system is currently used by millions of people in Brazil and helps alleviate some of the pressure that builds up in the system so that patients can access care more efficiently.

Before leaving Bridge Lab, Mateus worked as a software engineer on Bold UI, which is an open-source design system featured by the Federal University of Santa Catarina. Bridge Lab also helped Mateus develop non-technical skills such as hiring, training, and mentoring, all of which bolstered his ability to make an impact with his clients. The three years at Bridge Lab were formative career years, and by the end of his time there, he was more than ready to take a role as a full-stack engineer at AE Studio, which is where he is today.

AE Studio was founded in 2016 on principles that Mateus deeply connects with. The organization uses technology to increase human agency through accessible data science software, analytical tools, and other technologies. They also believe that developers should be given their own space to create projects that they are passionate about. Mateus loves the autonomy and creativity he gets to express at AE Studio. In just a couple of years, of working as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) specialist, Mateus developed infrastructure solutions for clients in the AWS environment. He is also a Blockchain and Non-fungible token (NFT) specialist, which allowed him to build user-friendly solutions in a new and complex space. He supported OnePlanet NFT as they migrated assets from Terra Blockchain to Polygon Blockchain, developed a cryptocurrency operations platform for Protocol Labs, and even created an NFT marketplace for Soundchain.

Beyond his professional work, Mateus is committed to working within the development community, supporting budding developers, and teaching others in the industry to achieve greater impact. He is a member of the Global CTO Forum and of the Leaders of Excellence at Harvard Square. These organizations help him stay connected in the tech community and give back to an industry that has given him so much. For Mateus, software engineering is about so much more than building applications; it's about making a difference.