Revolutionary Sisters Episode 17 Spoilers: Hong Eun Hee, Bae Byeon-ho's Relationship Hits Rough Patch

KBS 2 TV's Revolutionary Sisters is turning out to be the most-watched program of Saturday nights. After the curtains to SBS' The Penthouse 2 was dropped, Lee Jin-seo-directed show is attracting a lot of attention from the audience.

Revolutionary Sisters
Revolutionary Sisters. Twitter

Lee Gwang Nam (Hong Eun Hee) and husband Bae Byun Ho (Choi Dae Chul) recently appeared before Shin Maria (Ha Jae Sook), whose rude behaviour took Lee Gwang Nam by a surprise. In the latest preview, the truth will be revealed as Shin Maria tells Lee Gwang Nam about her lawyer husband fathering her baby.

Lee Gwang Nam rushed to the emergency ward in the hospital and she slaps her husband once he stands in front of her. He falls silent as she fixes her sight on him.

In the new stills, Lee Gwang Nam's behaviour takes Bae Byun Ho by a surprise. He is quite stunned by her make-up, costume and food.

She was munching pork feet when her husband grabs her wrist. She never had such food before fearing that she would gain weight. Now to see her having pork feet, he looks worried as tears roll down on Lee Gwang Nam's cheeks.

How the couple faces the rough patch in the relationship will be known in the coming episodes.

A Murder Mystery
Hong Eun-hee, Go Won-hee and Jeon Hye-bin-starrer Revolutionary Sisters are playing three sisters and the children of Yoon Joo-sang and Lee Bo-hee in the drama. It revolves around the murder of their mother, who gets killed even as the divorce issue with husband is in courts.

Now, all three children are suspected of killing their mother.

Viewership on the Rise
Meanwhile, the viewership of the show is on the rise. Last week, the average nationwide rating for the two-part episode aired on Sunday was 25.4 and 26.8 percent, respectively.

1March 13, 202120.3% (3rd)
223.5% (2nd)
3March 14, 202123.4% (2nd)
426.0% (1st)
5March 20, 202121.1% (3rd)
625.0% (2nd)
7March 21, 202124.4% (2nd)
827.2% (1st)
9March 27, 202122.2% (4th)
1026.7% (2nd)
11March 28, 202124.5% (2nd)
1226.9% (1st)
13April 3, 202121.6% (2nd)
1425.1% (1st)
15April 4, 202125.4% (2nd)
1626.8% (1st)