'Resident Evil 2' remake: What we know so far about the 'Tofu Challenge'

Resident Evil 2
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Capcom has recently confirmed more details about the Tofu Survivor mode in the upcoming "Resident Evil 2" remake. Similar to the original "Resident Evil 2," it's an unlockable content and will be a difficult challenge for its fans. Here's what we know about "Resident Evil 2" remake and the Tofu Survivor bonus mode.

On the official "Resident Evil" Twitter, the company posted about the The Tofu Survivor, along with a picture showing a white rectangle wearing a beret. The tall tower of white is actually a huge block of the food and is a playable character in the game. This silly gimmick gives "Resident Evil" a lighthearted tone as zombies chow down healthy food if you get attacked as Tofu. Many original "Resident Evil 2" fans are hyped as the Tofu mission is actually the hardest challenge mission available in the game.

In the original PS1 version's challenge, the players will control the Umbrella operative, Tofu, and make their way to a helipad to secure a sample of the G-Virus. However, the literal tower of tofu is only armed with the worst weapon in the game, the combat knife. Additionally, each room that Tofu walks into is full of enemies, and one wrong move will have him swarmed. To top it all off, the challenge is timed, which pressures the player to move fast, even when the player is clearly disadvantaged in every step they make.

It's unknown how Capcom will translate this challenge into the "Resident Evil 2" remake, but many fans are just happy to see an unlikely playable character in this horror game.

Back in the PS1 version of "Resident Evil 2," players would unlock the Tofu challenge if they were able to clear the game thrice at an A rating. Going for the A rating would require the players to play extremely well as this rating requires that no First Aid Sprays be used and players can only save progress twice in the run. Failing to satisfy these conditions will immediately ruin the chances of the player getting the A rating. Potentially, the "Resident Evil 2" remake may require conditions as difficult as this to unlock the Tofu challenge.

Capcom's "Resident Evil 2" remake will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC this Jan. 25.

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