Rep. Dan Crenshaw Gets Caught Following Escort on Twitter, Claims His Account was Hacked

The Texas Republican was caught following the Twitter account of New York City-based escort Olivia May.

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw claimed his account had fallen victim to a "breach" after his Twitter handle was caught following an escort on the micro-blogging platform.

On Thursday, Daily Dot reporter Zachary Petrizzo took to Twitter to share screenshots of Dan Crenshaw's Twitter account following a New York City-based female escort named Olivia May.

Dan Crenshaw
The screenshot shared by Zachary Petrizzo on Twitter. Twitter

"Your favorite long legged girl next door," reads the escort's Twitter bio. May's escort services range from $1500 an hour to $10,000 for a full day.

"Congressman Dan Crenshaw is currently following an escort on Twitter who charges $1,500 per hour," Petrizzo captioned the images.

Crenshaw Claims Account was Breached

Shortly after the post went viral on the platform, the married Texas Republican replied to the tweet saying that the account was followed by someone other than himself or his staff members and may have been infiltrated.

"Grow up people, no one on my staff, nor I, purposefully followed this account," he wrote. "Thanks for flagging. Passwords changed."

However, Twitter users were not convinced with the congressman's "excuse."

"Grow up people, clearly Dan Crenshaw was hacked and the hackers quietly followed one escort account and did literally nothing else," wrote one user.

"Sounds like you're alleging a serious crime, that the account of a US Congressman was hacked. I suppose you would be okay with an @FBI investigation to get to the bottom of this, right?" tweeted another.

Ted Cruz's Porngate

This is not the first time a Texas Republican has been caught liking or following an erotic account and then blamed it on hackers. In 2017, then-Texas senator Ted Cruz's verified Twitter account was caught liking a pornographic video by users.

In response, Cruz's senior communications adviser Catherine Frazier tweeted that "the offensive tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter," implying that the "like" was the result of hackers and a report had been filed with Twitter over the breach.