Reflection of You Episode 11 Spoilers and Streaming Details: Where is Ho Su?

JTBC drama Reflection of You will return with a new on Wednesday at 10.30 pm KST. Chapter 11 will focus on the search of Ho Su, who went missing right before his 7th birthday party. Jeong Hui Ju had been looking for him everywhere when she received a call from Gu Hae Won. Did she abduct the little boy? It will be revealed on November 17.

The mini-series might also feature the fight between Hae Won and Hui Ju in the upcoming episode. A promo for Wednesday shows Hae Won openly challenging Hui Ju. But did she abduct the little boy? The kid was taken away by a tall, lean man. Was it Seo Woo Jae? If so, why did he take away the kid? Was he teaming up with his wife, or did he do it to threaten Ah Hyeon Seong?

There are several things that the viewers are curious to know about the complicated relationship between these two families. Though the story revolves around the love triangle between Woo Jae, Hae Won, and Hui Ju, there are several hidden secrets between these two families. It is still not clear why Woo Jae asked Hyeong Seong to meet him in Ireland. The viewers will probably get to know about it in the upcoming episodes. Ho Su's kidnapping could be related to it.

Meanwhile, the promo video for this week hints at troubled moments Hae Won. No matter how hard she tried to separate Woo Jae from Hui Ju, he kept going after her. On Wednesday, he might rekindle his relationship with Hui Ju, and it could provoke Hae Won. Eventually, a fight might break out between Hui Ju and Hyeong Seong. The footage shows Hyeong Seong confronting his wife for hiding things from him. Was he trying to protect her all this while?

Reflection of You
A poster of JTBC drama Reflection of You. Twitter/JTBC

A promo video also shows Hui Ju defending Woo Jae. She can be seen accusing Hae Won of kidnapping her kid. The clip also featured a voice-over of Hae Won saying that she knew that she would never get her happy ending. She might have just thought of ruining Hui Ju all this while.

How to watch Reflection of You Episode 11 Online?

The K-drama will bring back a new episode on November 17, and it will be broadcast on JTBC. People in South Korea can tune in to the broadcasting channel to watch the chapter or stream it on the official website. International viewers can watch the mini-series with subtitles on Netflix.

All the latest episodes of the drama are available on Netflix for drama lovers in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the UK.