Kim Min Gwi Cheating Controversy: Nevertheless Actor Apologises for Hurting Girlfriend

South Korean actor Kim Min Gwi, who is currently playing a sculpture student named Nam Gyu Hyun, in the JTBC romance drama Nevertheless, has apologized for hurting his girlfriend, according to his agency Big Picture Entertainment. The firm stated that the actor deeply regrets his immature actions and judgments that caused public concerns.

The actor is playing a loving and caring boyfriend of Yoo Na Bi's best friend, Oh Bit Na, in the JTBC drama. He got embroiled in a cheating controversy after a netizen who claimed to be his former lover, wrote a lengthy post against him on an online community. The post is titled The true nature of an actor from drama Nevertheless is revealed. It appeared online on July 24.

Cheating Controversy of Kim Min Gwi

In the post, the netizen stated that Min Gwi cheated on her with several women during their six-year-long relationship. According to the person, the actor enjoyed one-night stands and clubbing during this period, and he verbally abused her several times.

"You keep appearing on television, and you repeatedly upload photos on Instagram, but I wish that everyone knew that you were a selfish, non-human, bad piece of trash," the netizen wrote.

The person also claimed the actor broke COVID-19 safety protocol to meet a woman he was secretly seeing. He went out to meet her without taking permission from the authorities or informing them about leaving the place, the netizen stated. She also claimed that the actor kept quiet about this meeting even after he was tested positive.

Actor Kim Min Gwi
Nevertheless actor Kim Min Gwi admits cheating on his girlfriend. JTBC

"I was worried about you when you tested positive for COVID-19, but later, it turned out that you were seeing someone behind my back, and even when you started self-quarantine, you snuck out at dawn to meet her," the netizen added.

However, his agency Big Picture Entertainment denied the accusation and stated that he never broke COVID-19 safety protocol while self quarantining. After the actor was tested positive, he focused only on his treatment, the firm added.

Here is the statement of Kim Min Gwi's Agency: