Reddit Users Decode Why Christians 'HATE' JK Rowling's Harry Potter and Treat It Like 'Demonic Text'

Many Christians have been against JK Rowling's novel Harry Potter. A sizable chunk of the children in America didn't read JK Rowling's books at all. The reason wasn't that they didn't know about Harry Potter. Some people among conservative evangelicals, Catholics and Muslims were against reading Rowling's books. The Harry Potter novels and movies were viewed on a spectrum that ranged from suspicion to outright opposition.

However, the phenomenon of conservative Christian opposition to JK Rowling's Harry Potter series succinctly encapsulates the forces that were at play within that group two decades ago illuminating a whole group of millennials who grew up not reading the famous novels feeling excluded from the world around them. Christian parents would not let their children read them or watch movies based on the Harry Potter novels.

According to some millennials, the Harry Potter books were kept out of reach from children because of their depiction of witchcraft or dark magic.

"None of my Potterhead friends seem to remember this and I never see it mentioned in online fan groups. I need confirmation whether this was something that only happened in a couple churches or if it was a bigger phenomenon," a Harry Potter fan wrote on Reddit.

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"My aunt is a Baptist, and she once told me she was against Harry Potter because of its depiction of witchcraft. It's definitely a real thing," another fan of JK Rowling's Harry Potter wrote adding that the weird part is that she was a former librarian.

Another Baptist Potterhead said, "I remember asking my dad why it was okay to read LOTR or the Chronicles of Narnia, but not Harry Potter. (Since they also have witches/wizards.) I remember him telling me that Harry Potter used magic selfishly, instead of to fight evil."

Some opined that it's a massive bulls**t to just say Harry Potter is evil without even reading it, which forces people to believe religion is such a waste of resources and energy sometimes.

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"Harry Potter" Vs "Lord of The Rings"

Amid the hot debate, one of the Reddit users said that Harry Potter is far more religious than "Lord of The Rings". "LOTR is one part creating a British mythos one part writing what all those passionate youths were told/thought WW1 was going to be at the beginning, a battle of good vs. evil, triumph descended from bravery, and noble/wise leaders. Basically everything WW1 was not," wrote the Harry Potter fan on the social media platform.

Another person added: "There are a lot of Catholics who would disagree with you. It's been awhile since I have seen it, but I swear there are people who can write you a thesis on how LOTR is super Catholic/Christian."