Record Producer Stevie J 'Caught' Receiving Oral Sex During Live Interview; Tells Mystery Woman to 'Suck Him Off'

American record producer Stevie J ruffled some feathers after he was allegedly caught receiving oral sex while appearing live during an online interview. The video's clip, showing a shirtless Stevie has gone viral on social media, prompting several responses.

The veteran producer was appearing for an interview with on Leah A. Henry 'Leah's Lemonade' Show' when the alleged incident took place.

Stevie J
Stevie J Twitter

Who is the Mystery Woman?

The nearly minute long video shows Stevie lying shirtless on a bed. "Aye Yo ... can you suck me off?" he is heard telling someone off camera. It then appears that the woman asks him if was aware about what he just said. "I know what I said," he replies.

Henry then starts the interview saying, "One of the things you said about your time on 'Love and Hip Hop' is 'I'm gonna be me 100% of the time."

The camera then shows a smiling Stevie as he continues to move his gaze from the camera to the woman pleasuring him. At one point, the hand of a woman is visible in the video. Shocked, Henry asks, "Why am I in bed with you right now? You're a distraction. Pick the camera up."

"Where do you want me to take the camera to?" Stevie replies before the video ends.

Social Media Divided Over the Footage

The video clip generated a mixed response from the social media users with many debating whether the interview should have been discontinued.

"Stevie J was apparently receiving oral sex during a FaceTime interview with a reporter -- and while the act itself might be shocking ... what's wilder is the fact she soldiered on! The journo's name is Leah A," wrote a user.

"Stevie J lost what little self -respect he had, Journalist Henry kept her respect by ignoring a small ego man trying to prove he's a big man .She wasn't interviewing a porn star & did nothing wrong. He's Nasty!" tweeted another.

"And now you have Stevie J. The final boss of creeps disrespecting a Black woman by getting oral sex during a virtual interview. That he ASKED for btw...because he KNEW it would go viral. When the beats aren't selling..and the hits stop coming...GO VIRAL right?" opined a user.

Taking to Twitter, Henry wrote, "All these journalism majors (sarcasm) telling me how to conduct interviews...I went to one of the top journalism schools in the country. I know how to conduct a professional interview. I'll address this #stevieJ interview on my podcast because some y'all make me sick."

"Also, y'all have a lot to say but when I want to clap back I can't mention you. I have time and I will read people down!" she added.