Real Story of Jung Hae In's Snowdrop Revealed; Jisoo's Name in the Drama to be Changed

Read the following revelations by JTBC to know the difference between rumors making rounds and the actual plot of Jung Hae In and Jisoo starrer drama Snowdrop.

Reacting strongly to people's petition to ban Korean drama Snowdrop over false charges, JTBC has released the actual plot of the drama. Based on a leaked, out of context piece of the script, Jung Hae In and Jisoo starrer drama was accused of distorting Korean history by promoting authoritarianism and glorifying North Korean spies.

JTBC has jotted down the main contentions about the drama and provided explanation by revealing the actual plot related to those concerned parts. It has also announced that BLACKPINK Jisoo's name in the drama will be changed to avert any more misunderstandings.

Snowdrop poster
Poster of the Korean drama Snowdrop starring Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK's Jisoo. Instagram

JTBC had previously issued statement that there was no truth in the leaked script and that it was taken out of context. But still people continue to collect signatures demanding banning of the drama, that is still being filmed. From Jung Hae In's role to Jisoo' character and role of Democratic Protest in the drama, this is what JTBC has to say.

"Doubts expounded on these fragmented information while contents that were false were circulated as if they were true. Of course, this responsibility falls on the production team that failed to strictly keep these materials that are yet to be refined, under wraps," said JTBC.

Main Plot

Revealing the actual plot, the channel stated that Snowdrop does not deal with the Democratic Movement. The male and female lead do not take part in or lead the movement. It is a story of a person who is unfairly accused and suppressed as a spy during the military regime in the 80s.


The theme of 1987's political situation surrounding the presidential election is the backdrop of the drama. The story will revolve around the military regime, the National Security Agency, and how they possess vested interests, conspiring with the North Korean dictatorship to maintain power.

Main Characters

Main characters are of a North Korean agent and a National Security Agent that chases him. The characters do not represent their affiliated government or organizations. They will highlight the unscrupulous greed for power to reform the regime. National Security Agency will be shown with a critical view and there is no truth in Snowdrop romanticizing espionage and the National Security Agency.

Upright officer

The National Security Agent is shown as an upright officer because of his refusal to take on a powerful role domestically. He takes up an overseas role as a Black Agent. He sticks to his principles while turning his back on the corrupt organization.

Chun Young Do

The character in the drama, played by Jisoo, with the name Eun Young Cho has no relevance to the revered activist, Chun Young Cho. But as this might cause misunderstandings, the name of the character will be changed.


With these revelations, JTBC requested people to refrain from spreading and leading public opinion based on false information. "We hope that it will be acknowledged that such actions will cause severe damage and diminute the many creators that strive to make a good piece of work," said JTBC.