Real Life Trading Strives To Make Investing Less Intimidating

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The digital age has brought dramatic change to the world of stock market investing. Now investors can google corporate reports, consult with online advisors, and trade from their desktop or phone, all at a fraction of what it once cost. The only thing the digital age hasn't done is take away the fear of investing.

Many people still consider investing in the stock market to be confusing, intimidating, and scary. Recent polls show that nearly half of Americans don't own stock. Jerremy Newsome, CEO of Real Life Trading, thinks it's time for that to change.

Investing in investors

Newsome started Real Life Trading to fix what he sees as a lack of passion, excitement, enthusiasm, and caring among those who work with investors.

"The stock market, along with the companies and educators inside of it, have had a bad reputation for decades and rightfully so," says Newsome. "There have been countless scammers, frauds, and charlatans who have portrayed themselves in certain ways."

Jerremy Newsome

The goal of Real Life Trading is to help people get over their fear of investing by gaining an understanding of how the market works and what investing can accomplish. It offers a series of free self-study courses that allow reluctant investors to learn the basics of investing, including calculating risk and knowing when to buy and sell. The courses guide participants through intermediate and advanced trading practices and include lessons on day trading techniques.

"Being immersed in the stock market is not scary, it's not only for the ultra-rich, and it is not massively time-consuming," says Newsome. "The market can be anyone's playground and Real Life Trading allows the world to experience it."

Owning over investing

Investing is like any new endeavor: the first step often is the hardest. Selecting a broker or platform means sifting through a dizzying array of options. Once that is done, there are countless stocks and funds to choose from. It can easily become overwhelming. Real Life Trading understands this. A big part of its mission is to help beginners get started with investing.

When it comes to selecting stocks, Newsome points to the products that you are already consuming as the best place to start investing.

"Buy what you use," Newsome says. "Look, in your hand; you hold an iPhone. Your clothes are from Nordstrom. The coffee in your other hand is from Starbucks. You likely have a favorite TV show on Netflix. If we bought any of these companies a year ago, we would be richer."

Making more than money

While Newsome believes that making money in the stock market is not as difficult as many think, he sees investing as more than just a path to personal profit. He considers himself a philanthropist at heart and is actively involved in the G-Force Mastermind Group, which helps startups in developing nations and provides rescue and aftercare for sex trafficking victims.

"Our mission is to enrich lives," Newsome says. "Our goal is to ensure we build a tribe of consistently profitable, generous, and helpful humans who use the liquid markets as a force for good."

To those who continue to keep their distance from the stock market, whether out of fear or indifference, Newsome and Real Life Trading offer enlightenment, empowerment, and inspiration.