Arizona School Football Coach Lures 16-Yr-Old Girl Student to Have Sex With Him on Campus

An Arizona high school football coach-cum-security guard was arrested for allegedly having sex with a teen student on campus. Nathan Jellicoe, 24, is in trouble after being accused of performing sexual acts on the Dysart High School campus at El Mirage.

According to reports, police said that school authorities informed them about the inappropriate incident between Jellicoe and a student. Jellicoe has been booked into jail on 10 counts of sexual conduct with a minor and two counts for luring a minor for exploitation.

Authorities revealed that Jellicoe's job as a security guard in the school helped him get closer to the 16-year-old student. The sexual acts took place inside the school campus during the past week and most likely in between October 7 and October 12. However, they don't know the exact location of the incident. "It's troubling," said El Mirage Police Lt. Tim Mason.

Arizona school coach arrested
Arizona school football coach arrested for having sex with teen during school hours  Screen Grab

Security Guard Took Teen Student Out of Class To Have Sex

Reportedly, Jellicoe has admitted that he had lured the teen student out of the class during school hours to have sexual intercourse. Moreover, the teenage victim has revealed that she had sex with the security guard at least two times while classes were ongoing but Jellicoe admitted he had sex with the teen five times on the school campus.

Also, court documents obtained by the Arizona family reveal that the teen girl and security guard used to exchange text messages in order to fix their meetings. Screenshots from their conversations prove sexual contact. Those messages also revealed that the student was nervous about having sex with the security guard, but Jellicoe would reassure her to doing it.

According to further reports, Jellicoe was using social media to contact the victim. Meanwhile, an investigation is ongoing and police have asked anyone with further information about the incident to call the El Mirage Police Department at 623-500-3000, according to reports.

Past Cases related to 'teacher-student sex'

There have been several such cases in the past wherein teachers had been arrested for having sex with teen students. Earlier this month, a Florida drama teacher was arrested for having sex with a former 14-year-old student in her car. The incident came to light after the teen student's father found explicit photos of the teacher showcasing her "vagina and breasts" on his son's cellphone.