Real life ghost experience in Argentina football stadium forced witness to change job [VIDEO]

Representational Image Ghost

A video captured by a patrolling guard, Raul Arguello at Tomas Adolfo Duco Stadium, located in Buenos Aires, has captured a ghostly shadow moving across the dressing room. He claimed that on April 03, 2018 he heard loud banging noise coming from the football stadium.

"It is 11.00 PM here, and it is the third time that I am hearing this loud banging noise. I literally do not know what is happening, but I am going to film it to show people so they believe me because this has never happened to me before," said Raul.

Later, when the guard reached the bottom of the stairs, the sound escalated into a thunderous din. Then he entered a brightly lit room and he was able to see the room's door started to open and shout down in a repeated manner.

"See no one is here. How can nothing be doing this? It's the third time I've entered here because of this noise and there's nothing... no one," Raul added.

As the witness shifts the angle of the camera to prove that nothing is there, he spotted a ghostly shadow, which was apparently moving across the room before disappearing into the wall. Raul was shattered after the incident and soon handed over his resignation letter. He is now working with a different security agency.

As the video went viral, several people consider this clip as a solid proof of ghost's existence. These people claim that life after death is a reality and people used to wander as ghosts and souls after they leave the physical world.

"He does sound genuinely scared, his voice tone tells me this is real, dunno about that shadow thing though. Whoever that ghost was he really must have been a big-time fanatic which doesn't surprise me coming from Argentina, they take soccer almost religiously, most of their games aren't safe to bring the family, you never know when someone is gonna get murdered, they really love the beautiful game there," a YouTube user, tembloroso23 commented.